Monday, December 27, 2010

Pretty umbrella...ending with dead people

It's time to start thinking about the summer and the M'era Luna festival in Germany. I'm a big fan of DIY and this supersweet umbrella made me think perhaps I should style my own umbrella next year?
Of course I'm no fan of this vintage, shabby chic style umbrella (well, yes, embarassing enough I am, but I would never tell, not even under torture!), but I see everything in black inside my head, and in black this will be wonderful and so pretty I must poke out my eyes because it hurts too much looking at it. And all around me people will start taking suicide because they want an umbrella just like it and when they understand they can never have it they must die....well, that's just how my mind wanders away sometimes...
I just love my homemade movies my brain presents to me every day. I wish you could all sit down and watch the magic going on in there....

Todays outfit

Today we were out on town to do one of the traditions we have for the kids.
Every year they get to choose one Christmas ornament. So when they leave home in their 40's *hahaha* they will have ornaments that they hopefully have memories around to put in their own tree.
Yes, I had a jacket on too
These are the ornaments they choose
Fairlight took the cute polar bear, Synthia the glitter snowflake and TeeBee the hysterically funny pig! I think he will laugh his socks off when he's older and is going to hang that one in his tree! I will tease him about that one for ever!