Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making cocain-balls

Feeling creative, so I made cocain-balls for New Year's Eve. I usually call them Angel Marbles, but the ones I rolled in icing sugar sure made me think different...and I like to get a good laugh, so that was a better name :)
Warning!!! Never try anyone elses cocain-balls! You should never do drugs, but you can make jokes about it.
I lead evening courses in Chocolate truffle making sometimes, and this one is always made the first lesson since it's so easy and taste sooooo good. It's more of a candy than a truffle though..

Cocain-balls/Angel marbles
200 grams white chocolate
40 g cream
1½ tablespoon of room temperature, unsalted, real butter
6 tablespoons of shredded coconut
juice of half a lime
Roll in:
icing sugar or pearl sugar

Chop the chocolate and melt in a water-bath.
Heat the cream until it simmers, add the butter. Stir this into the chocolate and add the shredded coconut.
Pour in the lime juice. Stir and then pour to a plate and let clot in the refrigerator about 10-30 minutes.
Rasp out with a spoon and roll (quickly! It melts) to a small ball. Roll it in icing sugar or pearl sugar.
Store in the refrigerator, but serve at room temperature.

*To get colored pearl sugar: Add a few drops of caramel colour to the pearls and rub with your fingers.

I also made milk-chocolate ganache with rum, and dark chocolate ganache with coffee. It will set at room temperature until tomorrow, then I'll make them into truffles.