Monday, August 8, 2011

Married for 13 years

Today it's 13 years since I walked down the aisle to marry the boy who I can't take my eyes off. We both fell madly in love the first time we layed eyes on eachother and I have never seen a boy who I find equally attractive since.
To me he is the most beautiful boy I've ever seen (ok, so he gained some weight over the years, but when we met he was that skinny boy-type I've always found so enchanting).

Here we are at our wedding day the 8'th of August 1998. I made our dresses. Stupid me bought his fabric on the Tuesday of the week we were about to get married and had it done 4 days later (while sewing my own dress, the bridesmaids dresses and be on top of the wedding plan...).
I was so worth my morning gift; my solitary diamond!

Synthia's 8'th birthday party

As the swedish tradition I made 7 kinds of cakes/cookies for my beautiful first child; Synthia's B-Day.
She went out and bought the serviettes for her party. It turned out perfect!

Here's some shots of the cookies and cakes. My favorites are (well all really) the blueberry as the raspberry cupcakes <3 and death caps.
 Mini raspberry cupcakes with frosting and a small jungfru bröst/virgin breast (as we call them in swedish) on  top. Or if you're prude you can call them jelly raspberries...
 My "eye" cookies. To make them even cuter I put them in a small candy paper this time. They look like super small cupcakes <3
 All in one shot! From front to back: chess squares, eye cookies, sticky brownie cookie with peanuts, sticky brownies cookies, blueberry cupcakes, death caps, raspberry cupcakes.

Minimal blueberry cupcakes with blue frosting and sprinkles on top. I feel like a GIANT when I eat all those small cookies.
 The birthday princess herself <3
Happy 8'th birthday, my pretty and sweet girl Synthia! Beautiful Fairlight in background is totally pre-occupied by her cakes.
and here's the strawberry filled cake she decorated (with some help from me).