Friday, September 28, 2012

Adora BatBrat Crib - New floor

A new feature will be my living quaters.
How cosy is my couch, what chair is mine by the table, where did I fall and break my elbow, where do I hide the bodies etc.?

A while back I re-made the old dollhouse, and one of the rooms got to look like this:
I think all of us likes chequered floors, and I've always wanted it somewhere in my living quarters. 
But also I hate disturbing patterns so it can't be anywhere where I see it all day long.
Ta-daa! I have a mini, mini hallway right outside our bedroom door to the bathroom door with a butt ugly floor. And also there was a couple of blood stains needed to be covered up if the cops ever came knocking.
Bedroom to the left, walk in closet straight ahead, master bathroom to the right.
Ugly floor here seen with part of the draft paper over it.
So, I went to Bauhaus this summer and bought me a piece of their chequered plasic floor.
Of course I'm wearing the pants in my family...or the tulle skirt to be more exact.., well, you know what I mean, that I'm the handy-man but woman. 

Did a little draft paper to help with the cutting of the floor.
The view from the livingroom.
Kermit's green legs sticking out :)
The view from the bedroom.
A this is how lovely it turned out!
We almost have a full chess table so I'm just waiting until the day there will be two russian chess pro's sitting there playing a game.
I did according to what the man at the store told me; just cut it right and put double sided adhesive tape at the edges. I'm such a pro!
View from livingroom.
View from bedroom.