Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blond hair makes me stupid(er)!

When you bleach your hair to make it blond your hair becomes like a drinking straw. And this is how you become stupid - the brain cells are just pouring out through the holes (and it takes a blond girl to come up with this idea). This is why you should always color over the white with some color fast like hell to lock the brain cells in.

I'm now suffering from bleaching stupidity.
I'm getting dumber by the minute.
And my make up skills seems to fade, I just can't see the fun in doing my make up anymore, since it doesn't look as good with plain, boring, white hair. (I love other people in white hair, but I just can't see the same beauty in me having white hair).

Just look at me from today. I had a no make up day today, I forgot I had a parental meeting so I had exactly 24 minutes before I had to leave home. 22 minutes doing make up, 1 minute hair and 1 minute clothes. And look - it's a disaster! No wonder I look so pouty on the pictures. White hair is like a blank paper. Nothing. Inspiration is gone.
With white hair; no make up skills, and with lack of make up skills follows bad taste in clothing as well... HELP!!! Where's a jar of hair color when you need it?!