Monday, February 20, 2012

Todays make up part II

So...I had the doctors appointment...
Dropped my goth German stockings and in an arduous manner made my way upon the paper covered bed.
My lovely doctor "I" put her hand on my hurting hip and said it was just bursting with heat.
No doubt about it, she said. You have a severe inflammation in a bursa.

She gave me a shot of cortisone straight into the right place in my hip. Ouch!
I will also eat medicine to kill off the inflammation.
Furthermore she recommended me to get rid of a Lipoma I was about to have surgically removed last year, but 2 seconds before the surgery the doctor felt the lipoma was so much bigger than he thought, and that it went straight into my body where it could hurt my spine and other organs during the procedure since he had no way of knowing how big it actually was without letting me have a CAT scan first.

He said I should think it over since it's not that good to have a CAT scan just like that.
But now my hip problem might originate from my previous back problems so I must deal with it now apparently.
(In my 20's I got a strange pain in my back, and after years of going to different doctors, physical therapy 3 times/a week for a year, all kinds of medicine and a whole lot of crying and about 7 years of unexplained back pain that for several times a year made me have so much pain I couldn't leave the apartment for a week atthe time since I could not lift my legs. To go 5 meters in the flat took me 20 minutes and always made me cry. I couln't go to the toilet by myself, needed help to be lifted in and out of bed, as getting dressed and needed help to shower. Without my husband I don't know how I would have survived. Going from doctor to doctor just to hear:
"-You are to young to have back problems." to "-It might be some sciatica-like pain, but you can't have that at your age." makes you feel very hopeless. I couldn't even lift a full milk carton without getting back pain.
My lovely husband put me back onto my glass pedestal and didn't allow me to do anything that would cause me back pain after that. So this is also why I try to do 100 situps/day, just to help my body, not to have a flat tummy. I try to live very careful, and I think me eating according to Montignac Method have helped as well.)

Todays goth make up

I just got back from school.
I had to leave early today because I have a doctors appointment at 2.

I have suffered from hip pain for about 6 weeks, but last week it got worse. Probably just an inflammation, but now it hurts like hell all of the time.

See, that's what happens when your body is 300 years old... perhaps some sweet blood transfusion will solve my problem?