Friday, December 16, 2011

Todays make up

Ohh, I did wrong.

A Goth can NEVER prioritize sleep before make up - it's a deadly sin!

But slap me medium hard and drag through flower t-shirts: I just did!

I feel like I should be punished and walk through some kind of Golgata for wanting sleep more than Goth style. This is low! I need an intervention!!!!

Lovely Gold teapot by Little Diva Company

Ahh, how I enjoy my Friday de lux breakfast!

I had a little birthday last week, and one thing I wished for was this over the top teapot from a company in Holland. Impossible to get hold of of course!

It was sold out from the factory and only a very few selected places in Sweden had it for retail - and sold out of course...

BUT I managed to get hold of the last one - at the boutique Raglady in Gothenburg who we're nice enough to send it by mail to me.

Thank you ever so much for helping me out. The freight was even free! And the service impeccable! Totally recommend Raglady.

Thanks for making my Friday's even more special.