Sunday, June 17, 2012

Powernap and sausage

It was so hot and nice at my in-laws that I happened to fall asleep and as a woke up someone stuffed a sausage in my mouth.

How lovely! If that's not vacation I don't know what's is!

I'm in the newspaper

You know I told you a while back I had done something very unusual as for being me?

The unusual thing was I agreed to be interviewed for a "regular" paper. I kind off never do that!

Today (Saturday) was the interview in the paper and of cause I had to look it over.

Both photographer M.M. and journalist L.L. were super professional and I liked the piece.

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Today's look

Sunday Goth.

I'm on my way to my parents in law to spend a few hours in their lovely company as the kids runs wild.

Trying out my new crown I bought at Kalmar castle some week ago. Loving it!