Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines crafting at school

As a class mum I today had the Valentine crafting for the kids and their familys. It was so much fun, and everybody was so happy crafting. It's true - crafting is good for the soul :)
I had them make place cards, hug/love cards and Vintage magnet cards.
Here's the cute magnets
The very easy to make, but oh, so wonderful place cards
and the most lovely card you can ever imagine.
The outside: (says "I love you")
The inside:
(says "this much")
And this was my look of the evening:
Haha, I can't smile any bigger because I still have one of my fangs missing. But tomorrow at 10.30 I have a dental appointment with Mr V. So hopefully I'll have a fang-tastic weekend :)
And yeah, of course I made them all cupcakes
(they are not that perfect since I had to put on the frosting then and there)