Thursday, March 22, 2012

Am I amongst the living again?

Do I dare to hope?
I woke up 05:56 and have not been able to get back to sleep since.
No wonder since I've been doing nothing BUT slept since Saturday.
I have actually started THINKING today!
Is the disease on it's way to finally say goodbye?!
In Sweden it's the same every year; half of the population is down flat for a week by the Winter puke disease/Winter flu.
But I have not had the Winter flu since 1993, when I had it 2 years in a row. My immune system must have been crazy good after that near death experiences.
At the time I lived at a boarding school with 8 other girls.
They took such good care of me and I rewarded them all by giving them my flu.
8 girls to go shop, hand out water and check up upon at the same time. If not it prepared me for a life with 3 kids.

I should not be up doing jumping Jacks and eat a 3 dish dinner just jet, but I can see the light at the tunnel!