Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Synthia was with a friend and her mum to the beach today, and then her friend followed her home on a play-date :)
Panic! What to do to keep the 4 kids happy and not eating me (mine are aspiring vampires, you know...).

Yeah, I pulled out my safe card - cupcakes. The only thing that makes me somewhat human.
I don't think I've ever published the recipe I use most often? How horrible of me!
This is how the mini cupcakes looks fresh out of the oven. I would serve them with icing sugar on top or my usual frosting and sprinkles (next pic).
This is for a basic swedish muffins (as we call them)/cupcakes.

Muffins/Cupcakes 10 medium or 12 mini converter
oven: 200 degrees Celsius
Hot tips: divide the mixture in two and make 2 different kinds of flavours in one batch (think of me saying it in a peppy Martha Stewart way).

62 g butter, room tempered
1 dl sugar (you can cut down to 0,75 dl)
1 egg
½ teaspoon vanilla sugar
2,25 dl wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking-powder
0,75 dl milk
+ flavour
  • zest of ½ a lemon or ½ orange
  • fruit, berries
  • 1 teaspoon extra of vanilla
  • spice: cinnamon, caraway
  • chocolate...
I like to use lemon and straw-/raspberries together.

Beat the butter and sugar senseless until fluffy. Add all other ingredients. Blend it all together with taste of choice. Pour into 24 small cupcake forms or 10 medium sized and put in middle of the oven. Small 6-10 minutes, medium 10-15 minutes.
Wait for a few minutes and then pour icing sugar on top, or let them cool if you're to have frosting on top (for this I recommed baking them one day in advance).

While they are in the oven you have time enough to make the frosting.

And NO - they are not for you if you are a Phase 1 in the Montignac Method ;/ *sorry* but Phase 2'ers can enjoy one 3 hours after the last meal - or you serve them to fatten up your friends to make yourself look thinner *mo-ha-ha-haaa*

Montignac Method - fruit in advance

Just gotta love that still picture. *hahaha*
So this is what I would look like if I got a stroke?

On my balcony having my pre-breakfast fruit, just as Mr Montignac ordered.

I do this before EVERY single meal. My fruit of choice is Fuji apples.
I recommend apple, pear, orange and berries to kickstart your gorgeous self.