Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pictures of the models

Yesterday was great day! But it left me a bit tired - as all good days should.

I was hired as the head make up artist (MuA) for a hair show. There were 28 beautiful and sweet hair models to make prettier.
Fortunate for me I had a stab of very qualified young girls at the Hair Academy who did exellent at executing according to my pictures :)
All of us, 28 models, MuA, as well as the hair dressers was then put in a tiny, round room at Kalmar Castle while waiting to go on stage.
I can tell you the room was so small that we had to perform castling everytime anyone should get anywhere - it was THAT crowded. And the toilet was out through the Castle church, down 4 stairs, outside to the castle yard, into a new door 15 meters away and then down in a dungeon-like toilet. I was so scared! I have never peed faster. Model misery...
The show went well and I hope everyone had fun. It was a nice atmosphere anyway.

At 22.30 I had to walk all by myself all the way from the castle, out to the castles inner yard - I never raised my eyes - I was that afraid of seing a ghost, then through a tunnel and then over a wooden bridge over the moat where the water was all still and black. All of a sudden something made a big splash in the water just under me! I thought my heart stopped for a few seconds. Stupid, stupid duck!
Wondering about the horrific dresses? Well, the poor models had to pick outfits from a bag. I really wished I could have been the wardrobe stylist as well, then I would have put them all in long, black dresses, all in different designs. I think the hair should be the center of attention and not some colorful outfits with unknown background.
There were 3 different hair dressers showing different models, and everyone wanted different make up on their models. It was supposed to be a bit more "show" make up.
I had one of the models as a midnight snack before I left. I needed some energy before I got behind the wheels ;)