Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011: My look

Friday TeeBee had his usual Halloween Birthday party.
After the 5 minutes fast decoring (that actually turned out very good!) I did all over the place the party started.
I looked like this:
I'm quite satisfied with how the look turned out!
The dress I bought at Vanilla in Camden, London.

We left a note on the door for the guests:
"Ring the bell, count to 30 then enter. If you dare...."
It was just to give their kids a scary walk.
We put scary music on as we heard the bell and went hiding in the kitchen.
As they entered there was a fake man sleeping on the bench just inside the door.
They went through the slaughter drapery, went face to face with the ghost and a witches pot with smoke.
Entered the living room with the smashed witches legs under the table, sneak up to the lady with the black bag over her head.
Then we went out and TeeBee declared: Welcome to my party!!!

We had a fab evening and Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and Corpse Bride was rolling on the telly.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

V-log: Sunday Goth

In the intriguing tale of the life of Adora, we have reached the "Sunday Goth".
Many have wondered, but few have the facts.
There once was a time when people who found out were never found with a body temperature ever again, but you might take the chance.
I can't guarantee your safety though...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween 2011: Cakes

The superfast Cut off Finger cookie.

This was a total cheat on my side: chocolate covered finger cookies rolled into a piece of marzipan. An almond splint for a nail and some red food color.

Press in a few lines on the finger and you are done!

Crunchy and nice.

Halloween 2011: Broken doll

This years outfit was kind of "Dead Doll". It was for TeeBee 's Halloween Birthday party tonight. 

When I got the kids from school looking like this their classmates were stunned, and some a bit scared.

Giving them nightmares like a true Goth should!


Halloween 2011: Cheat bake

I'm ashamed I didn't make the chocolate dipped marengue myself but okay, shoot me, I bought them. I'm Martha Stewart ashamed....

I put on some nonstop as eyes and painted with black food coloring. Glued them on with icing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

Plastic bats, needle and a thread right through them. A hook at the end  (I used hooks from a curtain hanger, but you can just bend some steel wire).

I hang mine in the lamp. Looooooove my bats< 3

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

Damn this phone program only posting one of my pictures!
This was also supposed to show with the jars.

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

Cut out some red paper in a blood drippy way and put it under our letterbox.

Had some left over so I put it under the light switch.

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

Cut out some red paper in a blood drippy way and put it under our letterbox.

Had some left over so I put it under the light switch.

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

Collected the kids snakes and spiders and put in different jars.
Added some flies on top.

They will all get label tags on them later  when I'm in front of my computer.

This can be made SO much better with adding colored water in the jars as well, but I'm not as dedicated this year and it's supposed to be fast crafting.

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

I had two chairs standing against a wall,kind of boring...
Put over a white sheet, covered the painting with paper and me and TeeBee went wild.
Happened to have a witches pot and one of my lovely sister Iva Insane hair dressers head laying around and together they made a good match!
Hang the bloody nightgown that you have all made of course after watching my YouTube video Bloody Nightgown. *right?* on the new bench.
It looks OK.

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

I was fortunate to have a dress hanger torso.
Put on a skirt, jacket, balloon on top with a pillow case over it and a rope around the neck.
Placed shoes at bottom and ta-daa I had someone to hang!

I will make a real hang man knot later, but I won't dare to do it now in case I get any ideas....

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

The wicked witch of the.... crushed on the floor.

I've seen many wonderful versions of this - all better than mine, but I'm in a hurry!

Stockings of choise, I like striped.

A pair of shoes.

A pair of buckles on a stretch band.

Filling (a real chopped of leg/shirt/pillow filling, towel...)

I filled mine with newspaper (that's why she's got so ugly legs).

Put the parts together and squeeze them under something to make it look like she got smashed!

I cut out a puddle of blood in red paper.Dark red velvet would have been better but I was out of stock.

I've seen people who dressed their table "legs" in stockings and put a shoe at the end. That's super cool!

In Sweden we don't celebrate Halloween like in US for example.  Often we just put a light on lost loved ones graves and had a bit of still evening.

But people here are catching up and we start to have Halloween parties a bit more like in the US, but it is still a bit "new".

Me and my friends have celebrated, or at least had scary masquerades for about 20 years, but it was not common back then and people looked very strange at us when we went out like scary clowns, ninjas,Death, Wednesday Addams, zombies,vampires and mummys. They stared more then usual *haha*

This year I will not attend a real Halloween party, just TeeBee 's Halloween Birthday party. But I'll try to make it cool.

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

An old lamp, a balloon on top, a white sheet, 2 "eyes " cut out of black fabric, 1 needle to pinch in the sheet.

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

2 black garbage bags and a shower curtain hang -flexible -thingy makes a cool entrance in under 5 minutes.

I just cut the bag open long sides, folded one end over the thingy put some tape on and dragged a scissor down and up as it was in place.

And now it looks like a slaughter house or a ghost house.

Took me longer to write this text then to make the curtain!

Best part: totally movable and reusable! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween 2011: Vampire Bite cupcakes by DolceLuna

Here's another crazy cupcake idea! These were made by DolceLuna. Thank's for sharing!
I just love the blood comng out of those holes! Sweet!
Here are a few more on the same theme.

This is made of red velvet cake
(anyone have the best recipe with beetroot? I will not eat that much food color)
Cut off the top, dig a hole, fill with red jam, put top on, decorate!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TeeBee baking

Friday TeeBee will have his Halloween Birthday party for our friends and their kids.
Today is TeeBee 's day at home so I made him work! He had to bake his own Birthday cake the poor child.
I'm such a evil Goth mum!
The cake turned out fab. Gonna make my kids work more often!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cats: outplacement.

If you want a cat I will totally recommend to everyone to take on an outplacement cat.
(I'm not sure that is the right word in english..?)
If you are like me, interested in a special breed and maybe color, you can still find a grown up breeders cat that needs a new home by many different reasons. Sometimes a breeder get a cat back from a previous owner since it didn't match the other cat at home (or the sofa), perhaps the owner is moving and can't keep the little one. Often there are very normal reasons for the cat moving.

Most breeders cats here in Sweden only have a few litters, then they will retire and often these cats can have trouble fitting in with the more aggressive fertile girls as a castrate and would love to have a new, bit calmer retirement home - maybe yours?
If you go for a siamese - go for two! They love company (most cats do) and you will get a much happier cat - well - cats!

Some of Porsches babies from the last litter. They are sooooo cute!
The things I see positively with taking on an adult cat is you already know the temper of the cat.
Kittens can be SO crazy!
And for us, having 3 kids as well, we don't have the time to dicipline another baby AND an adult cat can tell the kids when enough is enough!
Miu! There - you lost an arm, kiddo!

We have always had the best of luck with our outplacement cats.
They have all grown to be so adored by us.
For example; Princen when he arrived HATED being tickled on his cute belly and always was like a fox trap around your arm as soon as you tried to touch him there.
We trained him for a week with shoving him over, layed our hand on his belly and waited for the fox trap to close. Aouu!! It was such pain!!
But we kept the hand still, said "No", and waited for him to release his grip and then gave him re-inforcement by saying "Good" and then let go of his cutie belly.
One week later he was so happy to have his mushi-mushi belly tickled. We could even bury our face in it without risking the head coming off...
Since then he turns belly side up as soon as you come near him. Isn't that just too sweet <3
I am a real sucker for siamese cats, any color, but seal point got that special something for me.
Their temeperament is lovely, they are very attentive to you, wants to be with you all the time, are funny, happy and crazy, many likes to play apport, they are kind and almost baby like in the way the love you.
They are maintanence free (and for Cat Shows you just have to comb their fur for a week, clean their ears, nose and eyes and then you are ready to win!).

A Foreign White (white siamese, always hearing). This is Albert. Picture borrowed from breeder La Voix.
For you who lives in Sweden and also wanna check out the princes and princesses of the cat world, go to a cat show, speak with the breeders, let them know who you are and get a feeling for the breed.
If you are interested in having a cat for cat shows, take help from a pro on how your breeds standard is.
Both Signhild, Porsche and even Princen (he competed in the domestic cat league) won in their class (well, Princen came on 2'd place, but that was a proud moment still!).

Here are some pages where you can find outplacement cats from serious people:
Siames i Fokus: Omplacering
This girl, Honeybun, is one outplacement cat, and she's got good genes for Cat Shows I can tell.
(don't know if she's still up for adoption though)
Hold someones hand, this story is so scary!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sorry, no can do

I'm attending an 18'th Century Masquerade Ball at Kalmar castle this evening.
And since I've been sick and had surgery to my bellybutton I've been of no use for a while.
Well, use and use, I was still able to look gorgeaous so people had something fab to look at as I left and collected the baby BatBrat's from school and daycare.
But that was as far as my use reached. The rest of the days I've just been laying in the sofa eating de lux chocolate, but still looking gorgeaous of course...

We were going as Amor and Psyche last time. Not that much effort..
Oh, I guessed i strayed a bit in my self admire here, where was I going with this?
Now I'm on the track again!
I was supposed to tell you that I only yesterday evening started with the masquerade costume.
Since it's supposed to be a "real" 18'th Century Ball and this years theme is The Seasons I have had like zero time to plan for a fab costume, so no winning for me this year, but I will still look cute I think. I'll aim for the cute price this year <3 Unfortunately there will be no real price in that cathegory...
Last year we didn't win, but we still ended up on a BIG picture of the front page of the local newspaper, and our pictures have been used in this years campain as well.
So in my ego mind I decided we won after all! Like the real winners of this years Eurovision Song contest was acctually Jedward, even if they didn't get the no 1 price (video won't start until after 0.50 min). You know how I mean?
My lovely sister, the fun loving, killer looks: Iva Insane, have a new Friday Special in my inbox - but I have NO time to put it up here just yet. I'm so sorry!!!  :(
Please give me a nice spanking if you see me, I sooo deserve it.
I'll do it as soon as possible.

But what I will do is have my cell phone with me tonight so I will update my Facebook with pictures this evening.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane


In March this year I got an email from a couple who had a sphynx- cat who they sadly needed to found a new home for.

I had looked after a cute, little, naked beauty for a while, and I got so happy when I finally found one (or.. they found me). I was determined that I didn't wanted a tortie or calico-coloured sphynx female, as one of my clients who work as a vet had told me they could be very special types of cats.
A sphynx-cat can have a lot of different skin colors

The day I went home to Ingelas (Who had a different name at that time) owner, and found out that it was a calico-female she had I just thought "oh nnnoooeees"
Ingela was a very charming, 2 years old little princess, so after seeing her (and given the calico-cat a chance) it just felt totally right to bring her to my place. I was in love <3
Ingelas owner thought I would be a perfect mum for the sweet little female-sphynx, so after two weeks I went back to them and brought the cute cat home to my place.

Since that evening I never sleep alone in my bed at night, reading magazines or sit at the computer without a cat cuddling my face. The fact is that It's really hard to take a shower alone or do the make up in the mornings and not have a cat at my shoulder, wounder what's going on?!
Sphynx-cats are real attention-whores and love to be with you all the time :)

Ingela like to visit new places, chewing at drinking straws, sit in the window and look at the birds outside, travel with me, cuddle with fleece-blankets and hiding at the most uncommon places. As she don't have any fur she love to sleep at spots that keep her naked little body warm. Her new favourite place are in a box full of panties! Don't ask me how she find out how to take off the flap of the box, but I guess that cats are very intelligent creatures :)

You need to bath a sphynx quite often because their skin get oily very fast. I need to force Ingela to the shower just about every fortnight, but it's different from cat to cat. Sadly she hate to take a bath, and I feel like I'm the evil mother of doom when it comes to that part.
Me and Ingela at a catshow this summer

If you want to get a sphynx cat, be sure you read a lot of the breed before you buy one. It's like having a five year old kid at your side 24/7 (Mom, what are you doing in there? Can we play now? Mommy, mommy, mommy!!?? Look at meeee!)
I'm not a big fan of kids, but I love Ingela anyway :)
And of course, you never get bored with a sphynx in your home.
Upper class cat?!
Adora here!

I agree with my sister, Ingela is just sooo pretty, but I can tell you she makes more chitchat than ALL of my kids together! And I have 3 of those!

We do love our cats, me too is a cat lady. I've always had cats in my home since I was a baby BatBrat.
(Well ,I do like most animals, but cats just have a very special place in my heart).

Right now I have 2 cats; Prince Vinyl and Porsche.
"Princen" was a gift from me to my husband when he turned 30, since we just lost one of our other cat-babies.
He was a 10 months old outplacement cat and his mum was a siamese and his dad was a birman. He turned out beautiful, lovely tempered and so, so soft fur to snuggle.

Picture of Armani, borrowed from Iphofes Birman and Idun S*Saddharma Pamina from Siames i Focus. This is NOT Prince Vinyl's real parents.

Our other cat is the full breed International Champion seal point siamese Porsche (EC S*Bergbackens Manga Poseidon).
He too was an outplacement cat from the lovely breeder Inga-Lill at Marilljos as his fatherhood days was over ;)

I got my loooovely seal point Signhild (Marilljos Jennifer Lopez) from her to and when I called her to let her know Signhild had to be put to sleep because of her long time renal failure she told me one of her most famous breeder cat, Porsche was about to become a castrat in 2 weeks and said he might like to get a new home at yours if you'd like to have him?
Would I?! I just couldn't believe my ears!!! Porsche!! <3
I knew ALL about him and was SO happy to be offered this super siamese.
Marilljos are known for their super typed and gorgeaous seal point siamese cats.
When we went to bring Signhild home a few years back (oh, how I miss her), we met Porsche, who was just about ½-1 year old at the moment - and I have been in love with him since then!
To be offered him helped a lot after the sadness of loosing my princess Signhild. He and Signhild were friends as well.

Signhild, and Porsche as a baby. Two of my favorite cats <3
Thank you ever so much Inga-Lill to trust me with your precious babies!
Porsche was 4 years old when he moved in last November. And although he's not been with the family even a year I feel like I've always known him.
We are all so in love with this high legged, sweet tempered and cuddly kitten. Mummy loves!
I had him at a cat show and he won Best In Show!
Porsche won Best In Show!
Or as Synthia said "-Mummy, even if I love Porsche so much I wanna squeeze him to death, I won't do it."
Hahaha, I sure hope not!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

London 2011 - The trip, Day 1, part I

Me and Jenni crawled out of our coffins while it was still dark outside.
We tippitoed around eachother to get the best mirror view to be able to put on our vampire protect-make up.

Oh, perhaps you didn't know? That it is the make up that enables me to be out in the daylight without melting? Consider yourseft enlighten.

Left with some drama: Where's the fucking key?! Where's the passport?!
All that drama was made by my wonderful sister. I always keep my head cool (yeah, keep telling yourself that Queen of all Dramas).
10 points - we nailed the first tram we were supposed to!
Arrived at the Central Station where we had to wait for the airport bus.
Nooo stress. Nice and easy.
So unusual for me. I'm always doing things the last minute, and my dear, smart sister likes to be well in time. For me I'm pleased with just arriving 20 sec. before trains/busses leaves. It's a matter of being on time, not how far in time you are ;)
When we arrived at the airport it was time to collect the MONEY!!! Oh, how I love money.
I love it so much you will get 3 pictures of me with the MONEY!
Time to go through the Security check.
As usual we both know we better remove as much on us as possible, always the shoes as well...but still we beeps..and this day was no exclusion.
Both me and Jenni got a nice rub of our complete bodys (I totally recommend the Security check massage), and then they used the mobile beeper on us.
And where did I beep? In my hair belly button! This was before the surgery so perhaps I had some junk in there?
Jenni beeped in her hair as well - and in her butt!! We have no idea why, but it was a nice moment :)

Jenni's getting a hair massage by the Security check at the airport.
We recommend!
And off into the air where we both fell asleep since it was such a loooooong trip to London (1 hour and 40 minutes). When we arrived we had the best of luck, then some fun snob moments.
But all that will follow in London 2011 - The trip, Day 1, part II.