Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Year Resolutions

I know one is supposed to have only one New Year resolution, but I always have too many things I'd like to change; so screw that!

1. Back to basics - my old Goth self back, please.

2. Be organized in life as in business
3. Blog each day year 2014
4. Sell off stuff I don't use (like my heart *hahaha*)
5. Get a hard butt

And then of course I have my wishes for year 2014 as well.
Things I wanna strive for, things that will make me happier:

1. I SO wanna catwalk model for Bibian Blue!
2. Go to London to meet the lovely Chelsea/Syntheticdoll again
3. Have a shoot with Chelsea (and Sphirex?!)
4. Meet the fab Joseph Harwood and make a shoot as Dollfie's together
4. Finish the video for Black Religion song as Asperger Synthdrome
5. Record A Broken Me and War Inside
6. Travel to Japan
7. Have a concert or do some modelling in Japan

Hopefully I can say "Check" on a few of them before this new year is over!