Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun work tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be doing make up on 28 models for a hair dressing show. It will be so much fun. I will have some assistents too, and they will be better then me probably..

I have printed out pictures for the different styles, bought some extra make up and will trow down a few of my wigs in the bag as well.
Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrom, and hope I do well - and also - I don't fall asleep in the front of the wheel on my way home.

Old picture: Mera Luna 2007

I can't help but being a bit nostalgic when seeing this; the pink hair - ohh, how I miss it, and being at the M'era Luna festival in Germany on a hot August day.
If I'm not misstaken this was my pretty sisters first M'era Luna festival ever. So young and innocent ;)
 it looks like I have a skull earring in the ear at the photos right - but I don't own any - I had a spiderweb earring.. this freaks me out a little.