Sunday, May 15, 2011

My German trip part1

Tuesday the 10'th of May

Kissed my family goodbye (and made sure to give the kids 4 extra kisses each for the goodnights I wouldn't be home for). Jumped on the train 2 minutes before departure. Heh, a bit of a close call - but the only thing that matters really is if you catch the train or not. Not how many minutes you have before departure...
My travel booker made me a bunch of print outs for our whole trip so I started to look through them to put them in the right order. PANIC! The flight tickets wasn't there!!!
After some texting back and forward it seemed to be in order. Thank God!

Two stations later I saw the most gorgeous girl – she looked almost like me. Oh, it was my sweet sister Jenni. I was so happy to see her. We were a total match.
After some “training” we arrived to the first country – Denmark, city: Copenhagen.
Found the flight to bring us to the next country - Switzerland, city: Zürich. And as the globetrotters we are the trip didn’t end there – we kept on going to the next, as well as the final country – Germany, city: Stuttgart. But nooooo – the trip was far from over…
Went by a bus with a sour chauffeur who wanted me to pay for the trip although I know for a fact it’s all been paid for in advance.
I told him off and refused to pay.
Went on a train to Ulm, and then to the final destination at last – Neu-Ulm. Never in my life I could imagine I one day would end up in Neu-Ulm, but I did!
Discovered they had cut my lock open at the airport! WTF?! My sisters bag had too been opened and been messed around.
The hotel they ordered for us, City Hotel Garni, was just 65 meters from the station and when we got there it had an envelope for Mr & Mrs Wimmerstedt. Hahahaha!
It was the cutest little hotel and a super room. We really liked it, it was so cosy and fresh. It even had a balcony that we used every day to sit and chitchat. Went out for a Peking soup and a veggie plate at a nice wok restaurant before bedtime.