Monday, March 28, 2011

I stole my sisters look

Who am I?
1986 a band, Berlin, had an amazing hit with Take my breath away.
But that's not interesting at all.
Singer Terri Nunn had a hairdo I could not forget. At the time I had bleached hair (I was 14), short in the sides and about 8 cm on top, like a boy with heavy make up (that was the look of the era).
Desicion: When I have longer hair I will cut bangs and have it with a black border, just as she had.
Problem: I had a cowlick at my bangs, and the only way I knew how to keep it in place was up (I have solved that problem now).
I did grow some longer hair, just as Terri at this picture, but I only had it white with black border at the tips, no bangs. I admit, my cowlick made me scared.
New desicion: When I'm pregnant with my first child I will cut my bangs. And I've had bangs ever since. LOVE it.

But before I cut my bangs (get a grip now Adora, you are just rambling about), when my baby sister was 12 (year 1999) she asked if I could do something with her hair, and before she had a second to think about it I cutted her a pretty, little bang, added a blue border to it - and my sister was re-born! I can just remember how much she liked her new look, and I can only remeber how I though - now I've goth her to the dark side! Ever since, that's kind of been my sisters trade mark. But now I had to borrow her bangs for the week (it's under secret circumstances), but it feels wierd every time I look in the mirror.
My superpretty little sister Jenny wearing my clothes at the age of 12 <3

My weekend

A job offer and I packed my bags for a 7 hour train trip. A big, fat Fuji apple kept me least for a while...*evil grin*
After eating my apple (and half of the other travellers, who took another travel - to my stomach) I arrived to Västerås safe and refreshed.
 As I went to bed I thought "Hmm, I wonder if I can fall asleep while away from my herd?" - and then it was morning!
Woke up looking fantastic (don't we always? As you might have guessed I have my lie-glasses on), added some make up and transformed to amazing. Had my hair done and looked like a true star. I was so beautiful, the mirror loved me and I had a fantastic time....until all the beautiful hairdo and clothes was removed, and I looked like a plain Jane again..crap!
I did a secret modelling that can't be shown until June. If I tell you, I have to kill you, and that will be such much work considering you all live in different countries, and it will sure burst my budget. So I'd better shut up about it.. But it was beautiful, and I can only hope I did the style and the photographer justice.