Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old picture of the day

This is one of my favorite pictures of me. Perhaps not my prettiest, but I like it very much. I think I look so "me" :)  This is from the same festival as this, 1999, so that would make me 27 at the time..
With me is an old friend, Peter, a super sweet guy who I became friends with when I was out walking in my dads town and met Peter and a friend and since Sweden is a small country and I like to meet fellow "synthare"/electro goths I simply approached them and asked if they were synthare. Shy? Who, me?! Never.
They said; hell, yes, and then they revealed they already knew all about me. I think they even said I was a legend (they were so cute)!
A bit embarassing and surprising for me, but I at least made two good looking friends (and several more of their friends). We have had many good times together :)