Friday, May 20, 2011

What a wonderful Friday

I just can't believe what a wonderful day it is here in Sweden! I just had to show it:

The supercute skeleton hair clips is a gift from my sweet sister <3
And what's todays big treat? Well, I promised the kids to make their own hamburgers. And when Synthia said that at school when I left her some kid in her class said to me:
"Uhm, with blood on them I guess, since you're a vampire."
That was a sweet thought, and it sounded good...perhaps his blood?
Nah, I'll be good today, the weather is to wonderful to do horrific deads so I will just eat rare fillet of beef and have some gorgonzola and broccoli with it. And since I'm resistant to garlic I'll add some pressed garlic on top om the meat. OH, how I love my meat!