Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sorry, no can do

I'm attending an 18'th Century Masquerade Ball at Kalmar castle this evening.
And since I've been sick and had surgery to my bellybutton I've been of no use for a while.
Well, use and use, I was still able to look gorgeaous so people had something fab to look at as I left and collected the baby BatBrat's from school and daycare.
But that was as far as my use reached. The rest of the days I've just been laying in the sofa eating de lux chocolate, but still looking gorgeaous of course...

We were going as Amor and Psyche last time. Not that much effort..
Oh, I guessed i strayed a bit in my self admire here, where was I going with this?
Now I'm on the track again!
I was supposed to tell you that I only yesterday evening started with the masquerade costume.
Since it's supposed to be a "real" 18'th Century Ball and this years theme is The Seasons I have had like zero time to plan for a fab costume, so no winning for me this year, but I will still look cute I think. I'll aim for the cute price this year <3 Unfortunately there will be no real price in that cathegory...
Last year we didn't win, but we still ended up on a BIG picture of the front page of the local newspaper, and our pictures have been used in this years campain as well.
So in my ego mind I decided we won after all! Like the real winners of this years Eurovision Song contest was acctually Jedward, even if they didn't get the no 1 price (video won't start until after 0.50 min). You know how I mean?
My lovely sister, the fun loving, killer looks: Iva Insane, have a new Friday Special in my inbox - but I have NO time to put it up here just yet. I'm so sorry!!!  :(
Please give me a nice spanking if you see me, I sooo deserve it.
I'll do it as soon as possible.

But what I will do is have my cell phone with me tonight so I will update my Facebook with pictures this evening.