Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sneak-peak on shop item

I'm so happy - I found totally "me" stockings today. I have ordered them in for the webshop. I have other spiderweb stockings myself, but these are so much better. I'm having so much fun!

Ordering Chinese tonight

I've started to order some things to the webshop. Since my own designs are a bit late in production I might just fill it up with other things while waiting.
The shop will only be filled with typhical things I usually wear since many people have asked me where I buy my stuff. The things are not übercool and odd, but sweet I think.
I'm ordering small amounts of every item (5-11). So far I'm in love with all the stuff I've ordered. I think my wardrobe will be filled as well, and my wallet the complete opposite..
A thypical Adora-skirt