Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two pink haired girls got together

I've seen this girl I felt I just had to meet since I find her so inspiring and bubbly (and super pretty of course).
And to my great surprise she wanted to meet me too!!!

It was such a wonderful meeting (for me anyway!) and she was so energetic,  sweet hearted and open the way she talked to me.
To me it felt like a kindred spirit in a way. And she was so smart and humble. I've just been smiling since we meet. She is truly an inspiration and I very much hope to meet her again.

My husband said we we're just like sisters since we were so alike inside our minds <3

To Swedish people she is well recognized as the Goth contestant in Sweden's Top model - although she didn't score first place in the show she is the most recognized and most seen model since the show (AND she's Goth) so she's the winner according to me!  
And right now you can watch her in Sweden's version of Project Runway where she really shows her talent.
Can you tell I'm all happy about meeting her?!
And coolest of all - she wants to get fangs like me :)

But now I'm home from my "Stockholm tour" and is safely back home again.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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Hotel breakfast

After an 8 hour sleep I woke up still as tired as usual...darn.

Went downstairs to meet the fab breakfast buffet.
I said hello to most of the dishes and invited them over to my plate.
I treated them with respect and ate them all. Need I say my belly almost bursted?
Had a tea as well.
I think I got good value for my money :)

Then we went to Stockholm city by tube.

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