Friday, March 16, 2012

BatBrat Adorable Heart blouse disaster

One vampire skill is to make pretty things, but unfortunately I don't have the skill to make people do things the way I see them inside this clown green head.
I surround myself with talented pattern makers, lovely companions and competent coworkers who goes out on a limb just to help me out.
I so appreciate them!

It is poop when there is failure in the third row.
I feel stupid and think perhaps I did not explain good enough, did I copy the pattern wrong or what did I do?

The lovely Victorian collar is in production for 100 pieces right now, and is working smoothly.
But.....the (not so) Adorable Heart blouse is once more creating my pretty little head with worries.
Having no worries is my source to looking young so thinking is not good for me.

After measuring, and control measuring, and once more just to be sure, I now have to try sew a size Small just to find out where the glitch is. Is it me, the pattern or the communication with the seamstresses that's wrong?
I know my pattern maker D did a terrific job.
I think I did a good job too...
I know my lovely contacts S, G, and M at L company are super professional and completely understand every the miscommunication must be with the seamstresses who's not understanding the pattern.
In order to make things clear I now must try to sew from my own pattern just to compare.
And I'm NO seamstress!
I'm not as good as them! I will be humiliated if they look at my riffraff version.
Their sewing is impeccable, mine is far from.

After several mails back and forward we solved the problem!
Apparently my seamstresses misunderstood the placement of the heart as well as making too small insicions and that's why the blouse was FAR too big (I know I haven't lost weight!). Hopefully it is ready to be sewn as well - in a near future.