Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm officially 38 years!

At 08.26 this morning I turned 38! That's the same age my mum was when I met my husband (I was 16 then). And I thought she was so aged! I still feel 16 at heart :)
Yesterday I had my relatives over for cookies. I had 38.8 degrees Celsius fever and they all were worried about me getting wornout. So I had to lie and say it was no problem at all, and that I had already baked all the cookies.
But no, I made the chocolate cupcakes the evening before, and the vanilla horns, white chocolate angel kugeln, oakmeal cookies with chocolate and the pastry I did on that morning *sorry for lying*
I usually make 7 different cookies, but I just had to cut down.

And today on my real birthday I woke up with a sinusitis on my right side (oh, the pain! The teeth, the entire cheek and my temple hurts like crazy), massive headache and 38.8 degrees Celcius in fever. My relatives are certain I have pneumonia (I think not!) and is forcing me to visit a doctor tomorrow..
Not such a glamorous birthday, right...
Right now I'm wishing for: being half asleep in the couch with my kids hugging me every now and then and to eat the amazing salmon fillet and gorgonzola baked broccoli my husband will make me for dinner <3
I made some homemade vanilla sauce yesterday, so I'm guessing I'll bake an appelpie for the evening as well. Screw fever!