Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Todays goth make up

I always take these pictures when I'm on the bus, but hopefully you get a general idea.
Apparently todays theme was loops...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Todays goth make up

Do I look worried? Hell yeah! Bookkeeping is one tough nut to crack.
Sure, I get the basic idea, but what if that's just beginners luck?!
...and I'll be locked in for 10 years to lifetime for bookkeeping mistakes? According to my professor I would end up with a shorter prison sentence for killing someone so I should rather think of that than making bookkeeping mistakes.

Talk to Goths in Goths way :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Spotted on - goth bat "toy"

I love when I find lovely goth objects I didn't know existed.
This is just TOO cute!!!!! A true helper for you to lure kids to the goth dark side.
My heart is melting just seeing this little bat critter named Festina <3
Here is the direct link to buy this little baby.
She is handmade by Eliza Bolli on etsy. $49.00 USD.
Just like me she likes tea and daytime naps! Wouldn't you just wanna tuck her in your bed at night, put her on your work desk at daytime and tickle her as you bring her to the nearest library for playtimes?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make up review: Liquid eyeliner (for goths)

I just stumbled across this LOVELY and thorough review on Liquid eyeliners.
Since it's so good I just publish it here as well.
Content borrowed from Front Row
Best Liquid Eyeliners
by Reika on July 12, 2011

Nothing defines my eyes better than the use of an intense black eyeliner – it is something I cannot live without since high school! I am always on the hunt for the best, blackest and smoothest black liquid eyeliner. I have tried tons of them from the most expensive brands to the most affordable. This post is going to be a comparison of some of the best liquid eyeliners that I have tried so far, and the good news is..most of them are drugstore brands and cost less $12 bucks!

All of these eyeliners are intensely black. They all have a fine tip which allows for easy application and gives a precise and clean line. They go on smoothly and fluidly without smudging and last all day.

From Left to Right:
1. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black: felt tip
2. Majolica Perfect Automatic Liner in BK999: brush tip
3. Koji Linequeen in Strong Black: brush tip
4. MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in On The Hunt: felt tip
5. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h in 01 (best seller in one of the biggest Japanese drugstores): has a brush tip and claims that it wears like a tattoo for 24 hrs

Winner: Koji Linequeen has the most ultra fine tip of only 0.1mm – perfect for defining the winged look precisely. (shown in the far right)
Runner Up: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h (shown 2nd from the right)
Battle 2: THE BLACKEST BLACK – tested with swatching each eyeliner with only 1 stroke at the same pressure

Winner: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black
Runner Ups: MAC ties with Majolica
Battle 3: MOST SMUDGE PROOF – tested with rubbing my fingers over them several times

Winner: Majolica Perfect Automatic Liner - the opacity stays the same while the rest show signs of fading.
Worst Performance: MAC – the only one that starts to flake off.
Battle 4: MOST WATERPROOF – tested with spraying water over them

Winners: All good except for K-Palette
Worst Performance: K-Palette starts to come off as soon as it touches the water
Battle 5: BEST STAYING POWER – swiping them off using a cotton pad

Winner: Dolly Wink
Runner Up: K-Palette – although the color has faded you can still see the remnant (“the tattoo effect”) in a smooth line
Battle 6: EASIEST TO REMOVE -removed them using Bioderma Sensibio H2O Crealine Cleanser

Winners: All good except for K-Palette
Worst Performance: K-Palette: it definitely wears like a tattoo
MAC: >$30 in Australia (cannot remember the exact price)

The rest of the brands: <$15

I know we are all looking for different qualities from an eyeliner. I hope this post would help if you are interested in any of these brands. After years of experimenting I really think there is no point of spending more than $15 on a liquid eyeliner. The drugstore brands, especially the Japanese ones are just as good. As for me, hands down, I would repurchase Dolly Wink and Majolica over and over. They are the best!
Thank you Reika for this extraordinary review.

I also found this comparison between Dolly Wink and Kiss Me Heroine Make eyeliner:
By Miss Joyce.

"There's a HUGE problem with Dolly Wink...Due to exams, I have been taking naps whenever I can to catch up on sleep. I slept with my eyeliner on since it said its waterproof and sweat-proof. I always did this with my Heroine Make eyeliner and I look perfectly fine when I wake up. But Dolly Wink was smudged and faded and basically gone. So, it's not grease-proof like Heroine Make."
By Adora BatBrat: For perfect goth make up a liquid eyeliner is a must.
I might add that I have not used any of those liquid eyeliners before (since I have not seen them in Sweden yet) but the ones I use and is VERY pleased by is:

.: MAC Fluidline Blacktrack - I use it on my waterline and inner and outer sides of my eyes (every day) since it's waterproof, don't smudge and stays super black. Can't use it for delicate work though since it's too thick, like a paste more. BUT - you can use a blowdryer over it a couple of times to make it more liquid to perform delicate work.

.: Kryolan Cake eyeliner with Kryolan CEL sealer - I use this with an aquarelle brush (every day) to paint my swirls, painted on eyebrows and over and under my eyes. It's waterproof and does not rub off when cuddling or taking a powernap :) I have not used it on my waterline or close to the "wet areas" of my eyes, so I have no idea of how that will work. I just stuck with my MAC on those places since it works perfectly. Also -the Kryolan CEL Sealer can be used with most eyeshadows to make any color waterproof eyeliners.

.: IsaDora Glossy eyeliner Waterproof - This is my "lazy liner". I use it when ever in a hurry, but I should really use it more often since it is so black, and leave a glossy finish. I do use it on top of my other eyeliners sometimes, just to get that shiny effect. It is definately waterproof and pretty.
I would like to make a review myself, with the other IsaDora eyeliners:
IsaDora Fine Liner Eye stylo and
IsaDora Flex Tip eyeliner. Perhaps I will find myself a new favorite?

I hope this helped some of you out :)

Picture by Sam Peach

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Todays goth make up

Thursdays swirls.
Sweet surprise; I have an appointment with a masseuse my husband said as I entered our home. I'm on my way there now!
Thanks honey!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Todays goth make up

I'm on the bus, on my way home after a very good day at school.

I have some more pics of the make up I will share later.
Now it's time to scare my fellow travellers by asking them if they want a small rectum check?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Todays make up part II

So...I had the doctors appointment...
Dropped my goth German stockings and in an arduous manner made my way upon the paper covered bed.
My lovely doctor "I" put her hand on my hurting hip and said it was just bursting with heat.
No doubt about it, she said. You have a severe inflammation in a bursa.

She gave me a shot of cortisone straight into the right place in my hip. Ouch!
I will also eat medicine to kill off the inflammation.
Furthermore she recommended me to get rid of a Lipoma I was about to have surgically removed last year, but 2 seconds before the surgery the doctor felt the lipoma was so much bigger than he thought, and that it went straight into my body where it could hurt my spine and other organs during the procedure since he had no way of knowing how big it actually was without letting me have a CAT scan first.

He said I should think it over since it's not that good to have a CAT scan just like that.
But now my hip problem might originate from my previous back problems so I must deal with it now apparently.
(In my 20's I got a strange pain in my back, and after years of going to different doctors, physical therapy 3 times/a week for a year, all kinds of medicine and a whole lot of crying and about 7 years of unexplained back pain that for several times a year made me have so much pain I couldn't leave the apartment for a week atthe time since I could not lift my legs. To go 5 meters in the flat took me 20 minutes and always made me cry. I couln't go to the toilet by myself, needed help to be lifted in and out of bed, as getting dressed and needed help to shower. Without my husband I don't know how I would have survived. Going from doctor to doctor just to hear:
"-You are to young to have back problems." to "-It might be some sciatica-like pain, but you can't have that at your age." makes you feel very hopeless. I couldn't even lift a full milk carton without getting back pain.
My lovely husband put me back onto my glass pedestal and didn't allow me to do anything that would cause me back pain after that. So this is also why I try to do 100 situps/day, just to help my body, not to have a flat tummy. I try to live very careful, and I think me eating according to Montignac Method have helped as well.)

Todays goth make up

I just got back from school.
I had to leave early today because I have a doctors appointment at 2.

I have suffered from hip pain for about 6 weeks, but last week it got worse. Probably just an inflammation, but now it hurts like hell all of the time.

See, that's what happens when your body is 300 years old... perhaps some sweet blood transfusion will solve my problem?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dollhouse: Red velvet armchair

Don't ask me how, but I remember fragments of thick paper cut in shape, fleece covered with red velvet, a few stitches and some glue...and a hell of a lot of luck.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Funny item for tea drinkers

This might not be quite goth items, but I just found them so darn funny!

Imagine this:
Your husband invited over some friends from work for a cup of tea.
Being a total joker you thought it might be funny to use this teapot.

It can be bought here for $39.34.
Only one problem - your husbands co-workers are from a country known for terrorism.! Can I offer you some gingerbread cookies instead..heh..
Then you will just whip out your other teapot and kill yourself...
This one is made by Dennis Shields and can be bought for the "small" amount $2200 here.
(doubt it can be used though sínce it's merged into a plastic gun..)

Then I'm betting a teapot like this will show up after all the commotion..
I think this salt and pepper matches the crowd too!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm late!

"What?! Is she having ANOTHER child!"

No, nooo.... absolutely not.
But there was apparently a huge accident on the main road so my bus is late - ergo - I'm late..

Right now I'm on a train instead. I will still arrive, but fashionable late.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Todays make up

Adora's Valentine's Day Poem.

On the pure white snow
Blood never looked more beautiful
You make my blood freeze I said
But Winter just laughed away
and dead I stay

Who'd knew I had a poem in me?
My friendly neighbour behind me at the class was sweet enough to hand out jelly and nougat hearts to everyone! (not him on picture, that's another classmate). I wish him a lovely Valentine's Day - and everyone else too.
Thank you, A.
Many budgets and salary and costs in and out have been on the schedule all day long. My brain is shutting down...zzzzz.

Happy Valentine's Day!

When I got on the bus this morning I was given a bag of jelly hearts from the bus company.
How cute!

What a lovely thing to get!
Spread the love <3

Have a love filled day today! I'm sending you a big hug - just for you. But you need to promise to always take care of your heart and only let good things in there.
I LOVE ME! And you love you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Todays make up

With risking to sound like an old geezer I must say that my Sweden is like a fairy-tale this time of year.

Sure, bit too cold sometimes, but it is so beautiful I think I'm in some kind of saga.

V-logg: Todays goth cat make up

Didn't even know I succeded in publishing this until now!
Haha, I'm so cute when I'm technique stupid...

Todays make up

Sunday make up.
I made dotted "tears". It looked so cute when I was out and bought fake leaves, candy and aluminum foil.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day: 2 days left

How ever far away
I will always love you <3

Almost Valentines Day and I have had absolutely no time to plan anything! Time, who the hell stole mine?!
Well, the kids gifts are done - but what about the Alpha Love?

I wanna goth Valentines Day up. But mostly I wanna give out free huggies (and maybe take just a tiny, tiiiiny nibble in their neck while in the area).

Perfect Valentines Day this year?
How about being tied up real hard in an arm chair while being forced to watch all Star Wars movies in an eternal loop as my mounth gets stuffed with semlor (cardamon buns filled with whipped cream and almond icing) by my sweetheart and the kids are doing funny faces to make me laugh?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Todays make up

Friday should always be a bit extra special - even though I think you should be Friday/Saturday styled every day...
This Friday Synthia said she wanted to be styled as a cat.
Oh, I got so jealous, I wanted to be a cat too!

This is me on my way to school. I have still not painted on my lipstick - I usually do that on the bus (bit late, ey?) .

I tried to match my daughter by wearing black and white stockings as well.
Aww, I just love the kitty cat make up! The cutest me <3

Fairlight's leopard outfit

My princess Fairlight got a green stick fracture at school Wednesday :(

She got it from falling from a swing while trying to break some record...

Today she was invited for a birthday party at a "kids play-land". She wanted to be dressed like and wear leopard make up.
Although having a cast she was running around more than the other kids! She's a trooper <3

She looks so good wearing leopard prints!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Todays make up

Today I had a dinner at my in-laws so I tried to look respectable and stylish in my little homemade hat.

I went for ordinary cute today.

and some more...

What the hell, I toss in a close up as well.

Tomorrow it's Friday! Bring out your Friday glasses then!