Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shopping at IKEA

Yesterday at 22.00 we decided we should try to do something about my Zwart Chateau (the name of my sewing area).
Since we only live in a 5-room apartment, and we are 5 people there isn't a room for my sewing and crafting, so I just have to do this in our livingroom - and I looks a mess when I'm cought up in my crafty self.
This corner is in a desperate need of a change.
I'm embarassed even posing this messy picture :/
So we left for IKEA today. I managed to find something that might work to clean up my messy area.
When we were done it was time for the usual ice cream.
Our sweet kids enjoyed their ice cream
 Me hanging out in the wardrobe area
I will for sure post pictures of how the work is progressing. Hopefully it will be a neat and tidy little place once I'm done.

And I agree with others: this Directions; Spring Green is horrific on me! I know it's not cute or sweet in any way. But it is funny and crazy and I laugh at my hair every single morning! I will probably keep it for a year anyway. But my intention all along have been to change to a different shade of green. But I have a year to do that :) Perhaps it will suite me better.