Friday, November 26, 2010

Why trains leave so early..?

I'm getting up at 03.45 tomorrow morning to get on a train at 05.38 to Kristianstad.
I will do make up/hair and wardrobe on a music video for a 16 year old girl called Miranda X.
She's got a killer voice (but they have trashed the voice on the song Hollywood with some robot stuff), and already she's got a song playing on the radio. It's not my kind of music, but at least it's more of an electronica sound.
Her "natural" voice is fantastic and I'm not a big fan of those digital/robot things they put over it. I think it reduces her. But - according to producers, this is what people want. And I don't know their type of music so they are probably right. But personally I love her natural voice much better.

I haven't been given a straight story line so it's a bit difficult, but I think I have it covered :)
I will pack lots of fake hair, clothes, shoes and make up soon.
Worst is I'm a bit sick and should probably spend 3 days in bed instead...
Here's another video I helped out with: