Saturday, January 19, 2013

Adora BatBrat on the radio

I did a radio interview that was aired last week.

Ann-Sophie gör sällan intervjuer, men verkar trivas i studion ändå. Foto: Joacim Müllo/Sveriges Radio.
Me in the studio before recording.
Maily he wanted to ask me about the fact I might look a "bit" un-normal but on the inside I'm such an ordinary person and mum. Apparently other people finds that fascinating!

The whole thing is in Swedish *sorry* but perhaps it's fun to hear me speak my native language :)
Like the Swedish chef from the Muppet Show:

I think it's swell us goths have learned to fabricate this "official" version of us making everyone think we are just like anybody else instead of these cold hearted and chronical evil people who loves the sight of blood and only laughs when other people gets hurt ;)

Adora BatBrat radio interview
Lyssna: Lyssna på hela intervjun med Ann-Sophie

My phone hates my blog

It's been quite silent here for some time now...
I wish it was because I'm busy hiding the bodies from my Christmas feast, but it's only because my phone hates me!
I have made several attempts to make posts and pictures for the blog (mostly in bed, tired as hell) and four days later I realise the things never gets posted at all. It's just - lost....

I've started school and I take every chance to stay late working so I have hardly had any time at the computer and relied on my phone to do as I told.
Now you know!

Until the problem is fixed I must drag my lazy, but cute, ass to the computer as it never fails.