Sunday, August 21, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 1, part 1

I got a fab close up picture of my make up and the white screen lenses I wore at Day 1 from photographer Jan Blok, Holland.

Old picture of the day

This was taken in Gothenburg, July 2011.
And now it is my new Facebook avatar.
If I'm not mistaken I'm wearing Green Tornado lenses...and nothing more..hahaha

Made me an apron

All of the little BatBrat's were invited to a birthday party today so all of a sudden I had 3 hours ALL to myself.
What to do with all this unexpected time?
Sleep/planning horrible deeds/bake a bunch of cupcakes and have them all to myself/spy on the old lady living next doors/try out all of my cool shoes and have a catwalk/clean the flat/play Bubble-Bobble or grow a bit taller.
After some serious thinking I decided on sorting out my new crafting slash cocktail cabinet (often a very good combination) to put everything in the right place.

I had that area re-made. This is the messy area before:
And here's my new, improved crafting/drinking area:
When I was done I wanted to do something fun, something to ease my mind. And sewing is what my brain likes the most so I simply jumped to my Zwart Chateau (the sewing area) and made me a lovely heart apron. It happened to be about 5-7 cm too long (according to me) but I still think it looks pretty.