Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you all

I'd like to thank everyone for their beautiful posts about Signhild, and I got so sad for all of you who had lost a cherished animal too. This i s one reason I always try to be nice to people, even the evil ones; because I don't know their pains.

I love all animals, but cats have always been my favourite.
Signhild was really my dream cat come through if you only count the looks. I am very particular with looks (Adora - you really thought someone missed that?) and the second I saw her I was in heaven. And she got even more gorgeous when you got to know her personality. She was the best lap warmer ever :)

But I still have Prince Vinyl to cuddle <3 He's no lap cat, but he looooves being cuddled forever and ever.
His mum was a siamese and his dad a Birman. You can't really tell by this picture but he's got very good ear placement. He came second on the one and only CatShow he was in, as the second best domestic cat.

Signhild has been put to sleep

I miss you so much it hurts.
Monday morning 8'th of November at 08.45 Signhild stopped living in this world.

I had the luck to say goodbye to her the whole weekend, and to really cuddle her. Sunday night I sat with her for an hour just talking to, cuddle her and to play with her. She was so happy, and she played go-fetch with me for 20 minutes. She was almost like a kitten re-born. But I could still see in her eyes she wasn't. She looked so tired... She was only 7 years old, and we had only had her for 2½ years.

Monday morning my kids said goodbye by caressing her and kissing her before they left for school/daycare. Signhild was very pleased by the attention, and I think she knew it was the last good bye.

When I got back I gave her smoked salmon and ham. Things she couldn't eat before because of her kidney disease (she could only eat special food and had medication every day). It was so nice seeing her so exited again. I filmed her a bit to be able to see her again. I have already watched that movie over and over...

After some kissing and more cuddling it was time to go to the veterinary station.
Signhild was acting like normal; jumping around being curious, and cuddled the nurse and doctor.
I decided I wanted to hold her the way she liked to be carried around; hanging over my shoulder. So they gave her the shot and I think her heart stopped within 3 beats.
She went so fast I almost wasn't ready. But when are you ready for something like this...? It's good for the animals, they don't have time to be distressed, but for me it was awful. My tears running like the Niagara-falls...
Before I left I made her look like she was just asleep, so I have a very nice last picture of her in my mind. She almost looked like a kitten laying there.

I feel so empty, and I wonder if it will ever stop.
This is why people are so reluctant to love, it hurts like hell to loose the love.

Signhild, I love you so much. Our 2½ years together was not enough - I'm not ready to have lost you.