Sunday, January 1, 2012


blogger is stupid today. testing...

New Year 2009

Solved my blog problems with being forced to use Google Chrome. Don't like it a bit ;(

New Year another year. 2009 to be exact.

New Year 2012

Dinner time:)

Everything is SO good! This is now I gain those 50 grams extra weight I have to spend a whole year to loose...

Haha, just kidding! I'll shit it off tomorrow.

Happy New 2012!

Today's look was inspired by the lovely Veronica Lake.

Of course I'm nowhere near her beauty but I feel glamourous anyway!

I'll be at a dinner party with 6 "adults" and 7 kids. Lord of the flies might occur! if you do not hear anything from me tomorrow , that's what happened... (not hangover since I will not drink anything with alcohol).

I wish you all a fantastic evening and may 2012 be the best year ever! 2012 all your dreams will come true <3

Thank you all for making this such a special year. Hugs all around!

My promise to you: to be hell of a lot better at blogging....I've  really been a slow fucker lately and been super busy elsewhere. That's not nice to all of you who give me so much positive feedback...

Oh, arrived at the party!  See you later<3

New Year 2012

I just made my party hat! It will just sit on my plate for decoration.