Friday, December 7, 2012

Last years Christmas dinner with husbands work

Tomorrow I'll join my husband as the trophy wife I am at the Christmas dinner with his work.

This is how I presented myself last year (the later pictures is during make up).
How can I ever beat that?! I looked stunning!
Like the UCG girl I always claim to be.

I do have pretty pink hair now and just painted my nails in a fresh-blood nuance/ hooker red, but that's how much I've planned so far.
I tend to look quite ravishing in pale colors, but I did that last year...

-What's wrong with Goth black, Adora?
-Oh, nothing at all dear undead make up painted friends, but I'll be in a room filled with "normal" people that actually often wears black at their more stylish moments (see, they all wanna be Goths at parties..) so I wanna take the chance to show off how amazing I look in colors just to show them I know I'm super, well, mega super flawless dressing like one of them, but that I am cool and confident enough to still only wear black in my regular life just since I know I'm so above all The Normals (also a cool band with a great song) and can easily beat them at their own corner.
Hell, all Goths can do that super easy! We are just a prettier breed ;)

Just to avoid any miss-communication: I Am being "bit" sarcastic.

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