Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tooth is out!

I can't belive how easy my tooth said "plopp"!
I thought my dentist just started when she said she was done!
It left some BIG hole.
Now I'm just waiting for the sedative to stop working and the serious Goth pain to emerge.

Here's a nice shot of the tooth as well:

Think the tooth fairy will reward me?

Old picture Mera Luna

I'm missing my pretty sister Iva Insane right now!
 And M'era Luna goth/electro festival in Germany.
And all of my lovely friends from around the world that I always meet there (oh, how I miss you!!!).
And all the new friends I have not meet yet.

But the hotel is already booked so I'm just counting the days...

Teeth removal time

It's been a while since I performed any self mutilation.
Being a Goth I can't have that. People depend on me to act all introvert and depressed in order to feel better about themselves.
What to do then?
What kind of cool Goth maneuver is there to use?

I simply made a dental appointment and decided on to pull out one of my teeth just to be cool.
An extra plus is of course; I get to keep my tooth.
Oh, I have such nice plans for you <3

Today is the day when the tooth will be removed. 11:10 to be exact.
I'm not feeling as cool right now. I'm scared and gripped by fear. I don't wanna!!!
So, if you feel the need to do self mutilation, try pulling a tooth out. Combine pleasure with practical things.

Remember to wear dental proof make up.