Friday, June 3, 2011


One of my HATE subjects at school were Philosophy (Swedish gymnasium at age 16-19).
To this day I can't see no use whatsoever of this subject.
The fact that the teacher was like dried meat and about to die every second didn't really help.
It should have, because one of my main interests was to be able to watch a person die close up just to get the hang of it, so I should have been very focused, but perhaps the concentrating of not missing if he were about to die made me out of focus?

I have no memory about what he tried to teach me apart from one sentence that has stuck with me for all these years. See, Mr PerErik, I DID learn something!

"In philosophy person B can never pass person A".
This was also rich illustrated in the book.
If, at a race for example, person A was faster at the start, person B could never get ahead of him. In real life - yes, but philosophy is one fucked up subject, so when person A where at point 2, person B was only at point 1. And as person B reached point 2, person A have moved foward to point 3 - ergo, as person B moves, person A moves too and is at a new location every time person B reaches person A's last location. This made me insane!!!!