Friday, January 21, 2011

My husband gave me a mug

I'm such a bad goth. I, of course, love spiders (NOT live though), web, bats, blood, vampires, ghosts and skeletons...BUT I also have a "grandma-gene", it's probably the same that makes me somewhat like the horrendous shabby chic also makes me a fan of romantic tomfoolery, such as the Danish design GreenGate.
I'm totally ambivalent between the dark and the flamboyant and flaunty styles. I'm also like a crow and can't keep my paws off glitz and sparkly things - I'm no good poster-girl for the goth community. I beg for forgiveness..

Aaaaaany who, I told my husband I have finally found a new coffee/tea cup that I liked but I thought it was a bit too expensive as well as unnecessary (I've been looking for a while) and can you imagine - today he bought it to me <3 It's Green Gate's Mille White.
The premiere drink; Irish Coffee

Todays outfit

Netting shirt and corset-top from the Swedish E-bay: "Tradera". Black skirt and red gloves from Lindex (skirt from kids wear) and white skirt from H&M kids wear.
Stockings from grocery store and Demonia shoes.

Cupcake time

Mmm, TeeBee helped me bake the cupcakes today. We made lemon and raisins cupcakes.
Frosting for 6 cupcakes: converter
20 g butter
35 g Philadelphia cheese
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1/3 teaspoon of vanilla sugar
1,6 dl icing sugar
(caramel color; beetroot extract for example)
Blend it with a fork or a beater. Decorate. Store in refrigerator when you've added the frosting.

Friday, people!

It's FRIDAY!!! And here I am with my Friday-glass! As you can see I'm currently in Paris ;)
What's in store today?
I'm gonna bake something for the kids efternoon break, most likely I will be lazy and make cupcakes, then for dinner it will be tenderloin (of human of course) with red wine sauce (type A negative with a dash of Crianza) and béarnaise sauce served with grilled veggies (brutally slaughtered).
Then I'll take a stroll down town to buy something for a baby named Enya who we are going to visit tomorrow, Her dad is Magnus of Swedish electro band Colony 5 .

Happy Friday to everyone!

Me want!

I'm so in love right now! The white plate with the simple skull in the middle is so magnificent! I'm thinking appelpie and home made vanilla ice cream when I see it...or perhaps an appetizer with spinach, smoked salmon and feta cheese tartlet with pine nuts...
Can be bought here for $39.80
And this is just so luxurious! I couldn't eat anything but tenderloin with a red wine sause added a hint of thyme on it.
Read about it here. It costs horrendous £21!!!
And this would look fine with a slice (or two) of cinnamon cheesecake with lime glaze
Can be bought here for $7.
Perhaps it's time to get started on my Christmas wish list already...