Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adora 20:00

Driving our SAAB 95 aero sport combi home.
Such a sweet ride!

The kids have been so sweet and lovely all day long. We made sure to tell them how much we appreciated the day with them. And that they gave us such a wonderful National day <3
Thanks, kids!
And according to them we got highest grades as well.

Adora 18:00

The classic soft ice cream at IKEA before leaving Kalmar.

Adora 17:30

Having ecological crepes with spinach and a salad at IKEA.

Adora 16:00

Singing the national anthem.
Walking behind the flag bearers to the BIG church.

I waved to all the people that came to celebrate me, Sweden's Goth Princess.

Then I went into the church and said "hi" to Jesus, and wished him a nice day.

Adora 15:00

At the Kalmar Castle.

We found a shop where you could buy princess crowns like the ones used in the 12th century. Of course I bought one to my collection! Costly, though...
Can't wait to wear it!

Adorable 14:30

At the Kalmar Castle graveyard.

Adora 13:00

She is in a car on her way to celebrate Sweden's National Day.