Monday, March 19, 2012

I fainted

I woke up in the middle of the night and needed some water.
I went to my bathroom and drank. I decided to take a leak since I was up.
All of a sudden I woke up on the floor in the shower with a massive headache and pain everywhere.
Apparently I fainted!
Picture borrowed from here
I needed help to get up so I tried to shout for my husband, but I sounded probably like a weak mouse and he was sleeping in Fairlight's room that is in the total opposite of our flat so he couldn't hear me.
I tried to shout, whistle and to make the SOS with my rings, but nothing...
Eventually I found an almost empty shampoo bottle I pounded against a door, and after a while he heard me.

Life savier?
He found me laying in the shower with my knickers down and asked me in panic for how long I had been there? -I went to the bathroom at 02:24, I said.
-Are you kidding me? That was over an hour ago!, he said.

I have no idea for how long I was out from the faint, but I do know I have several bumps in my head today. One that hurts really bad is over my temple.
The rest of the body have got some bruisers as well.
Think I won't close the door next time...