Monday, February 28, 2011


One of my more secret vampire skills is to make aprons.
Since I'm often in the kitchen slaughtering some freshly hunted meat I go through lots of aprons every week. This may perhaps be a bit wierd, but I like to make them out of towels (new ones).
My grandma used to make me aprons like this:

and I just loved the style ever since.
I just take a towel (sometimes I cut out parts for the ribbon), fold it to crinkles, sew it to a thick ribbon and then add some lace or bows where needed. They turn out so cute! Sometimes I even do some screenprints on.
Here's a few inspirations I found online:
I've bought me some real 50's aprons at auctions just because I like the feeling. I'm such a house wife in my heart. And I love it!
Since I always (almost) wear short skirts I need to have short aprons, and towel apron's the best for that :)
I'm a member in a 18'th society club and during parts of the 18'th century apron was worn by both the plebs and the high society. But for the high society it was more of a fashion item, and often made of sheer materials.


My first pregnancy made my belly button pop out *ugh*
My natural hair color showing. As you can see, an ordinary brown color. Here with my (now deseased)purple tortie point siamese Fefferonia Felicia.
It resulted in a navel hernia. But they couldn't perform surgery on it until my bith giving days were over, so I had to wait until we decided we had enough kids :)

I trained hard to get a nice tummy before the surgery and brought big "before pictures" of my navel to the doctor.
Usually this small hernia is performed with a Laparoscopic surgery, but NO, I got the butcher from the local slaughter house to carve my insides out.
It just pissed with blood after! And the pain!
After a few weeks I could remove the patch and you can just imagine my shock since I didn't know he made such a long scar. I think I cried for a day when seeing this pig snout staring back at me. And I who even told him to be extra careful since I'm a model :(

Aaany who; since then I've had problems with it. Don't know what it is, but everytime I wear something fitted over it I get horrible pain after a few hours. It's like someone pushes a needle into my navel. You can just imagine my pain when wearing a corset all day at the M'era Luna festival...
Even when I do situps, so I haven't done any for some time now my back problems are back (I need to do situps because of a bad back).
It's a catch 22.

But a couple of weeks ago I went to a new doctor because I can't live like this - I need to be able to wear corsets! And now he called and said he'd try to open me again and cut a bit. It might or might not work, but I'm willing to give it a try! He said it's because I don't have any fat around my navel. Haha, so I can either fatten up or do a new surgery?

Question time

Anonymous said...
You are one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen:)Keep doing your own thing! Some questions: What products do you use to keep your skin so smooth? How do you think you will dress up over 20 years? Do you plan on getting more children? Who is your rolemodel? What college did you go to? What is your favorite color? Kisses from Jay.

Ohh, thank's :)
  1. I have all my products listed at my homepage...but it's been hacked lately and is about to be fixed.
    But to maintain a nice skin over the years you of course need to be thorough and also clean it good.
    For night: a cheap cleansing milk, Nivea face wash, then L'Oreal cleansing tonic. Protect & Perfect no 7 and then a fat night cream from the Pharmacy (is to be used for kids bottoms).
    Morning: Nivea face wash and then make up.
  2. I'm guessing a bit better then today- and hopefully more of my own designs! But I've been wearing the same short skirts and puffed blouses since 1984 so I have no hope of ever changing..
  3. No. 3 kids is perfect! But IF TeeBee had turned out to be a girl as well I would have kept it opened because I really wanted a boy. But now I've got my 2 princesses and my prince so I'm all settled.
  4. I've never had a rolemodel but the 80's was full with beautiful people to look at, but as I grew up I was fascinated by the looks of Boy George, Cindy Lauper, Nina Hagen, Annie Lennox and Cicciolina. Their old pictures still inspires me.

    5.     After the "ordinary" school I went to two different art-schools. Then I've studied business economy and a whole lot more random stuff.
    6.    Pink!!!!! I LOVE pink and if I didn't wear black all the time I sure would look like a Barbie pig <3

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Todays outfit

I've been to IKEA and bought a lot of vanilla candles and then I set the wardrobe section to flames because that Synthia almost got crushed by her IKEA wardrobe door.
What else did this young swede buy?
Red pillow cases
a big frame
new covers for the kids
blueberry and lingon berry jam.
Making the kids hair before going to IKEA and dad + extra mum
 Synthia, Fairlight and TeeBee having an ice cream at IKEA 
The rum chocolate's I made for my dad

Friday, February 25, 2011

Less known facts about me

In May 2009 I was contacted by MTV and was offered $2000 for them to use a clip from my goth make up video in one of their shows.

Their sneaky contract (a 4 page documet with micro text and difficult lawyer words) wanted to be able to use me as a model for computer games (the same company that did Guitarr Hero was involved), have me as a cartoon and use me as a mold for an actress amongst other things. They had some very strange ideas I can tell you.

But money can't buy this chick. $2000 to give "me" up?
Pfffffft, don't think so.

Montignac answer

Blogger Imagica Vasia said...Adora,vegetables contain carbohydrate,I guess ;s Can I eat them combined with meat or egges?
Can you please tell us what food should not combine? (:

Yes, in Phase 1 you can eat anything with a carbohydrate less then 30. And you can combine it with meat and eggs. Perfect! You got it right.
Here's a table with what's under 30. From the Montignac site.
Sometimes people says to me "You can't stop eating carbohydrates, your body needs it".
The answer is: everything but water contain some carbohydrates, so I can't eat 0. The thing is I just don't add those reffined carbohydrates that's speeding the body, just to get a real dip afterwards.

But if you, at Phase 1, eats things above carboh. 30 you shouldn't mix it with fat (meat, sausage, cream..).

Wednesday's outfit

I just realized I forgot to publish this. My hair is a total mess right now. I should really, I mean - REALLY, bleach my roots.
I thought this was an okay look, but now as I look at the pictures I think I look a bit too trashy than I'm used to. Apparently I do not look good in t-shirts. Crap! I dare not almost not say it...but I think I look like Amy Winehouse on a bad day. Oooops!
I use my legwarmers on my knees often, and add brooches to the skirts and a necklace with an "A"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine's cake: do's and don'ts

A Valentine's cake should NOT look like this - this is horrific, it will sure end that realtionship! It's a disaster!
I just stumbled across this on the web looking for a nice heart shape.
One might think this is during the process or by a child...but the scary thing is it's not! This is the finished product of a grown woman! Following her process was almost painful.
I can't be a total bitch about it though, because the person who did it did it for a sweet reason, and hearts can never be wrong.
But perhaps I can give her a few ideas on how they can look..., just to be nice (not my beautiful works unfortunately)

"K" as in "kärlek", the swedish word for love
But remember, even if those cakes are beautiful, they might still taste like ass, and that slaugher-looking excuse of a cake can taste like pure heaven.
But I love beautiful things and would easily choose the pretty cake every time.
(How awful of me to publish this when there is people on Phase 1....*sorry* But soon you can eat cake again - and NOT gain weight)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goth gadgets - blood

I once caught a human, sliced his neck and someone made a necklace of that cut! Can be found at VonErickson's Esty for $15.00 USD.
I left the body bleeding on my floor for a while.
I then brought the body to the table and chopped it up real good since it's a known fact goths like to kill and make collops from other humans. The good thing about this table is you can really carve someone to pieces without it being showed. Made by John Nouanesing.
oh, and look was was left laying on the floor later! Better make some use to it. Buy here for $18.99.
I managed to make a big mess when I cleaned myself too. The mat ($14.99) and the curtain ($14.99) must be thrown away now.
Tired now, must sleep...(£14.95)
just gonna kill the lights first

Montignac Method lunch

According to Mr Montignac lunch should be the days fattest meal (but you should still be moderate in Phase 1).
Here's an example of a Phase 1 lunch (don't forget to have a fruit 20 minutes before):
and again - as much as you want
  • sausage with a meet percentage above 80%
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • ruccola
  • cucumber
  • green olives
  • sun dried tomatoes

  • crisp bread served with
  • philadelphia
  • fried egg
If you rather want to have beans/peas/lentils/fullgrain pasta or bulgur in this meal you have to remove the sausage and philadelphia.
This dish can be changed for eternity.

Fat + fibres are ok (sausage, Philadephia + veggies, egg, crisp bread, mushrooms) or
Carbohydrates + fibres are ok (beans, peas, fullgrain pasta and so on + veggies, egg, crisp bread, mushrooms).
The no-no is: Fat + carbohydrates.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Montignac Method vs anorexia nervosa

Forgot to mention - I'm not on the Montignac Method to loose weight. I am skinny enough.
But I used the Phase 1 every time to loose my weight after the pregnancies, and by this method alone (no additional training) I've lost a total of (are you ready?) 56 kilos! That is more than my weight today! I've lost a whole me by just changing my diet! 13+21+22=56 kilos.
(And for those who wonders: No, my kids don't eat according to Montignac)

First when I started out 10 years ago it was because I got an gastric catarrh and needed to stop eating crazy amounts of crisps and potatoe gratins flowing over with cream all day long (and I wanted my husband to be that skinny bitch he was when we met).
I was for real a crisp junkie. I had my stashes all over the place. And this is no joke!

I needed to find a way to still be able to eat like the horse my friends thinks I am (I don't know how, but I can eat more than a grown man - easily!) and get rid of that catarrh at the same time. And, ta-daa, my friend Mr N introduced us to the father of all GI-diets -Mr Montignac.

I like to look like an anorexic - without being one. <------Very important!
I'm totally honest, the skinny, on the verge to anorexic (not skin over skeleton) is a look that appeals to me (we all have different preferences, that's mine). But I would NEVER stop eating! And, I am naturally slim, so are both my parents.
Many girls wants to be skinnier (for whatever the reason) and I sure as hell rather see them loose their weight with the Montignac Method eating healthy than to stop eating and develop anorexia. You can thank me later, moms.
I'm a living (healthier) proof to that you still can be skinny without stop eating.

I've seen my pictures on "thinspiration"-sites and videos, and that's a bit scary, I can only just hope that people know I'm skinny because I eat, not because I don't.

Being an anorexic is a horrible, horrible desease that slowly kills you, and if you survive back you have damaged your inner organs and brain in ways that might not show until later in life.
You can become "sober", but unlike an alcoholic that just have to stay away from alcohol the rest of their life, you can't stay away from food. You will have to live with your disease everytime you eat.

I know an elderly lady that starved herself in the youth (because she was living a glitterati lifestyle as a dancer) and she's got permanent back pain (because of osteoporosis) causing her to bend foward as she walks, a tummy that can't hold her food causing either constipation or diarrea (yes, girls, that's the future. Like wearing diapers?) and damage on her short time memory. According to her doctor because of the many years of anorexia.
I can't tell you enough how many times she'd told me that if she could turn back time she wouldn't starved herself in the youth knowing this would be the future...she is very sad about this.

I can't tell you not to loose weight, because if you want to you will only do it another way so I will give you what I consider a good method.
A lot more can be said about anorexia, but I'll leave it like this for now.

I know I'm very controversial saying I like to look anorexic, but I can only just hope I'm allowed to tell the truth on how my mind works (I will be sooo whipped because of this...). Oh well...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Todays outfit

Look how skinny I've became with the Montignac Method only 1½ weeks into the change of eating ;)
The skeleton shirt of course helps a bit...

I have definitly reached my "color limit" for this week with this ensemble. I'm like a rainbow of colors ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old picture of the day

Let's see what we can shake up?
2005, when I was pregnant with Fairlight

Montignac Method basics

(I've copied parts of one of my earlier inlays.)
There is
  • Phase 1 - the weightloss phase, and
  • Phase 2 - the stabilisation phase
At Phase 1 (and always) you should start every meal with about ½-1 apple/pear or some berries etc. Why? To prevent the blood sugar fall you get after a dinner when your body concentrates on to take care of the new food. This causes you to want some sugar since your body starts feeling slow. By adding a bit of a sugar-rush in advance, you won't get that craving.
The big nono's are:
  • potatoes
  • white rice and pasta, couscous
  • boiled carrots
  • corn
  • (grapes, water melon)
  • everything containing wheat flour
  • NO sugar OR sweetener (candy, soda, juice, cakes, bread, honey, glucose....)
  • alcohol
  • light products (better use the real thing - if you must)
  • coffee/tea (or at least less)
  • nothing with carbohydrate over 30 in Phase 1 (or 50 in Phase 2). I usually go by 30, because I'm done with it quicker and can get back to eating those cream sauces I like in Phase 2 :)
  • (no extra fat at Phase 1 except for lunch)
And. as I said, no counting. If you want to eat 11 beef steakes with broccoli - go for it. The point is to eat until you feel full.

I keep the fat level down in Phase 1, so a normal dinner can be homemade beef, tomatosauce made from ovenbaked tomatoes with red paprika and red onions with a pinch of garlic and fresh basil that's been mixed to a sauce, served with boiled broccoli and mixed fresh salad (if in Phase 2 I add a dijon cream sauce).

According to Mr. Montignac lunch should be the days fattest meal. So an omelette with tomatoes, spring onion, muschrooms, ruccola and cheese is a good lunch, or crisp bread with philadelphia, ham, eggs, tomatoe or something like that - as many as you need to feel full.

Important: your brain needs fat, so by eating "no" fat in Phase 1 that's not really true. Meat contains fat, and you can eat plain cream or creme fraiche sauce (moderatly in Phase 1) if you want. As long as you don't mix fat with carbohydrates you're fine.
We wanna loose weight, not become stupid.
7-8 months after my second pregnancy
I mostly eat fat and fibres (you can also eat fibres and carbohydrates - but absolutley NO fat (meat, cream) to that). And since I'm at Phase 2 I can slip in a cupcake/applepie slice/chocolate truffles every now and then without getting bigger. Phase 2 is for life so to speak :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More modelling pictures for The House of Wade Lee

This is almost the same as the other one. So many of the pictures turned out great (strangely enough!). Although this is not my "normal" style, I still think they got that dreamy, loving look I was aiming for.
The new picture
The last picture

Friday, February 18, 2011

Vanilla Friday

Hmm, what kind of Friday do I wanna have today, I thought standing in front of my tea box?
I know - a vanilla Friday. I've never had a vanilla Friday before, just Saturdays.
This might turn out to be an interesting day indeed!
I'm so nervous about this Vanilla Friday I can't take a steady picture...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More modelling pictures for The House of Wade Lee

Here is the last, and final, picture from the 4 hair bows I did for The House of Wade Lee.
It goes great with my purple hair don't you think :)
Wade Lee Richards at Facebook

Dental make up

Well, yeah, I have been known to paint on my teeth on occation but that is not what I'm talking about right now.
Purple eyebrows, M.A.C. blacktrack fluidline, pastel pink and white and black eyeshadow, blue IsaDora shadow under the eye and Viva la Diva glitter in green and blue on top of blue shadow
As we know dentists are known for using instruments that showers your whole face with water, and then rubs their arms in the eyebrow area leaving you look like a disco chic on her way home on a Sunday dental make up must be able to withstand that.

The best thing is to not paint any eyebrows at all, or in very light colors, and then use waterproof eyeliner and mascara on the eyes - and for God's sake - NO lipstick (put it in your bag and paint it on after)! Unless you want to look like Marilyn Manson (that is very cool) but not on me for a day-to-day make up.
Last time I had only black shadow around my eyes, looking like Uncle Fester ;)
The first dental make up?