Monday, February 6, 2012

Of course something was wrong!

Since the place was more deserted than a outdoor toilet a hot summers day I went for a quest to find any living forms. At level 2 I found a life form, known as female humanoid. I explained my situation and she was very sweet and helped me out by calling the leader.

What came from that phonecall was a real anti climax: The time today was 9:00. No wonder I was the first one to show! The others we're still tucked in their coffins having a lovely time while I have:
1. Panicking over the bus not stopping where it was supposed to making me not know how to get there.
2. Finding the house my husband said I should find. Went in just to find out it was an ordinary school, with kids about 8-9 years. Okay, I might not be that smart, but I didn't think I was supposed to go to business school with that crowd..
3. Helpful teacher send me to the right direction.
4. Entered as the first one there and number
5. just to find out I was 1 hour too early...
And my paper clearly said 08:00.

Hahaha, it's a good start I can tell!
At least the teacher arrived just now, so now I know I'm on the right track for real.

Yes, I made it!

After a wild goose chase I finally end up in the right house (I think) - and was the first one to arrive according to a woman I met.
This makes me a bit worried though.... if I'm the first one here, is everyone somewhere else and I'm at the wrong place still?

On a bus

Jumped out of bed happy as ever 05:10.
07:05 I'm on a bus on my way to school (will be every morning for the next 4 weeks). As you can see from the picture it's kind of in the middle of the night here in snowy Sweden.

Being born with the worst local sense ever imagined I just had my first PANIC ATTACK!
The bus will not stop at that place my husband carefully went through with me 4 times before bedtime yesterday. Gaahhh!
I just sent him a text to make me new travelplans from the new stop. If there will be no connection bus I will probably end up dead in a pile of snow since it's like a 20 minute walk in "some" direction....
At least time is in my favour for once.
Being known as the "Second Woman" (ref. Minute Man) I have lots of time to get me to the right place today. I'm known for entering trains 3 seconds before departure. That stuff always stress the hell out of my travel companions - but I say the point is to get on the train before it leaves, not how long before it leaves you have been there.

This will be very interesting to see where I end up today...