Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Phase 1 again

Finally April is coming to an end! There have been no end to the birthday partys and invitations this month. Usually I eat Montinac 80% of the time and then other things 20% of the time.
But this crazy eating feast hidden inside the Easter made me do the opposite and NOW I have to pay the price! 2 kilos up.
I hate loosing weight over a long period of time so I just went straight for Phase 1 today.

Many have asked how one eat at Phase 1, so here's what I had today.
Remember - you should always eat so you feel full, never go hungry!

Breakfast: ½ an apple 20 minutes before, then water and 2 ryebread with nothing but smoked ham and tomatoes on
(fruit before is to avoid that bloodsugar fall after you have eaten)
Break: fruit salad (apple/pear/orange)
Lunch: ½ an apple 20 minute before. Fried high meat sausage, red onion, mushrooms and 2 fried eggs, water.
Break: tea and a rye bread
Dinner: ½ an apple 20 minutes before. Basmati rice, smoked pork loin, paprika, red onions, fresh salad, green beans, water.
Evening snack: rye bread with raw spiced salmon and fresh white pepper and dill, water.

I often go for the same breakfast, mostly because I'm lazy and don't care that much in the mornings.
Rye breads with sliced egg/ham/avocado or wholegrain porridge with fresh berries in Phase 1.

Out in the sun

I've been away most of the day. I had a terrible time trying to hide from the sun as I was visiting one of my best friends. She lured me out into the sun with home made "dammsugare"/vacuum cleaner's and a fantastic chocolate pie and latte.
The cookie "vacuum cleaner" (rum taste and marzipan)
I'm now trying to bleach my skin back to the pale, dead'ish vampire color it was before. Darn my spanish heritage! ;)