Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My desktop

I used to have such a cute picture of me as desktop, but then I did something and it disappeared!
Isn't that just strange (doofus Adora, all thumbs..)?
So I just added a tile of a favorite picture of me, when I look as crazy as I feel. You know, for the time beeing, until I did a new desktop picture of <3me<3. Did that ever happen....
But I really like this expression on my face! It's a keeper :)

Todays look

Me and TeeBee's day at home.

Kind of no make up..thank God for big sunglasses that makes me look like a fly!

I just have to run out and make a quick stop at my dentist since one old filling fell out. Ouch!

And I am ever so happy about the sun and the 14 degrees Celsius that makes me able to wear my orchestra jacket from H&M I bought a couple of years ago, again. I look so smart in it!

Did I leave my clarinet at home?

I did play it for 5 years you know!

Easter nails

When filling our home with feathers, paper eggs and other Happy Easter things I figured I'd better make the toes get involved in the process!

I picked out a few of the most Easter colors I could think about and voila; I got happy toes <3!

Not so Goth, but cute anyway...