Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it really true?! Finally?

I can barely think it...but after weeks and weeks trying to find the right laces for the ruffle on my Adorable Heart Blouse and the lace for the Victorian Collar I finally today made a deal with a company in China!
On pictures below not the designed garment in right fabric, but my own first homemade version of the blouse. The originals will be made by professional seamstresses.
I have been very specific with what kind of lace I want so it's been worth the extra effort since I'm tying to make my blouses a bit more goth "high fashion".
But to find the materials have been hell! Sweden's got no business for better chiffons and laces so I've had to search the entire world.
Only for the blouse there is materials from: Sweden, Turkey, Germany, England and finally China. Who'd know it would be so difficult to try making designed clothes?

Only one thing left which I haven't found: the black cotton crochet lace around the collar. I've found the exact copy in white.. If I'd found it in China they had been able to color it black for me (if I buy 1000 meters), but I have not found that exact design there :(
This is the original style:
but since it's nowhere to be found I'd have to use the best I can find right now, and I do think it will work: