Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pepptalk yourself happy, then be bad

This morning I set a rule to myself: 
to be perky all day.

It's usually nothing I need to think about since I always jump out of bed with a big smile (just to make everyone else feel bad about themselves). It annoys the hell out of people. I like that!

But the past week I've had a killer sore throat (okay, so I know I'm not supposed to eat razor blades for evening snacks, but I'm goth. I can't help it).
And what do you know?!
Having a fever and a massive sore throat can actually get on your temper! WHOA! I just couldn't recognice this grumpy, but super-cute, goth girl in the mirror.
But it was me!

Being down is for cheerleaders (I was about to make a nasty comment on them being down on their backs...but I won't) so I had to shape it up.

And it worked splendid! Perhaps getting the cutest cuddles from my family members and the ladies at the charity shop who came up to me just to tell me they thought I looked amazing, and the ladies at the small Wedding exhibit who said I looked lovely and delightful might have something to do with it.
OR - I'm just a devil at boosting myself and deciding to snap out of things.

Since I got a bit too much goodwill today I must decide on being sneaky and vicious tomorrow.

After all, I am goth.