Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My tattoo's: No 1, Blue butterfly

At the age of 12 I decided to tattoo a butterfly when I was allowed (we have an 18 years restriction in Sweden).
Remember, as I vampire, I have lived many decades before you and are sprung from another time.
When I was young, and not yet a vampire, only sailors and hookers had tattoo's. There were only 3-4 tattoo studios in all of Sweden and no piercing studios to be found..only for earrings. It was a tough time to be alternative...

-Mum, can I get a tattoo or have my nose pierced?
-If you MUST, get a piercing, at least it can be removed. *As if*

And, oh yes, I was (am) a big fan of Cicciolina's look by the time... I think I pulled it off quite good.
So me and my friend T went to an ear piercing studion and we convinced them to shoot us in the nose with their little gun. Worked out like a charm! Finally, my quest to look as beautiful as an India women could begin.
And then at 18 I travelled all the way to Malmö and hook up with Kenneth Fong, a cool Asian tattooist famous in Sweden (now dead).
I got my little blue butterfly on my upper left arm I decided on as a 12 year old (which is the age when I went alternative). It costed 120 SEK/$18.
When I came back to school it was the talk of the year. I was the ONLY one in a school with 900 students with a tattoo! I guess it's not like that any more.
Now I was wierd for real.
I hide it from my mum 1-2 years. Grandma thought it was cute <3
Nowadays a butterfly is a bit nerdy I guess, but for me it's the dreams of a 12 year old girl that is put there. I like the way she used to think.
Although I now have a bigger tattoo attached to it, I never want to cover it.
And that''s my butterfly story <3

Todays outfit

My computer is treating me with no respect lately and makes me sit and wait until she's ready to do whatever. Such a bitch.
I've been out grocery shopping for Synthia's Birthday Disco Party on Friday.
Shopping can be very tiering ;)
Orchestra jacket from H&M as skirt.
On Friday I have have a new premiere here on my blog. Don't forget to check in!