Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday dinner

I'm currently making the red wine sauce for tonights dinner. Now it's reducing. My flat smells like a wino!
(Google "wino" and you will just find Amy Winehouse)

Here's the menu:
Appetizer: tomatosoup spiced with garlic and fresh basil
Main Course: black pepper steak with garlic butter, red wine sauce, oven baked vegetables (broccoli, onion, paprika, muschroom), fresh salad
(so far it's an ok Montignac dinner (the diet I follow).)
Dessert: Friday's we always have icecream for the kids. We might take an irish coffee instead.

Weekly style: Morticia: GOSSIP

She gave herself a glamour girl perfect nose. See the before and after pictures. And I thought she had that cute as a button nose herself ;(