Friday, January 28, 2011

Baked: rhubarb crumble pie

Kids wanted something sweet for Friday afternoon break.
Mum baked a rhubarb crumble pie.
 I defrosted my freezer yesterday and found some rhubarbs of the summer, so I tried a new recipe. Althought it was very good, I won't do it again - it contained far too much sugar. I will continue using my old well-proved recipe for crumble pie. Served with lightly whipped cream with a dash of vanilla.
Even if I eat mostly according to Montignac Method I can eat small portions of delights <3 since I'm in Phase 2.  Without getting fat! All hail Montignac and his method!

Adora BatBrat inspired makeup tutorial (dramatic)

I just found this! So cute <3
My Friday just got even better :) The worst part is she does my look better then I do...

The only difference is that I have mini-hearts instead of dots at the ends. I do love hearts...and dots..
All the pictures are from the M'era Luna festival, Germany 2010

Here with my pretty, pretty sister Jenny and her pretty, pretty boyfriend Mattias (of band D-Tox)