Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today's make up

Tonight is Christmas crafting at TeeBee 's daycare.

The kids at his daycare are so funny! One girl, 5 years, always comes up to me with a smile and says I'm scary. But then she also say I'm so pretty! Can't beat that - scary and pretty! A Goths dream.
Another girl always wants me to show my fangs, and 2 girls apparently watch my YouTube videos constantly.

Last week the daycare teachers told me the kids (girls) even play that they are me and Fairlight!
Apparently they drink tea and makes cupcakes. They totally nailed my life!

Christmas crafting with the kids 2011

Some kids grow up hating Christmas, mainly because they have a Goth mum who force them to do over cute crafting all the time.

I dragged them to a Red Cross second hand store where we picked up different things to make. One thing we thought out was button hearts. The kids picked out a few packs each for the cost of 5 SEK( about $0,7?). Fairlight did the one on top, with the bigger buttons, and Synthia the one with smaller.

Yesterday was button heart making.
We used:
buttons in various sizes and models
steel wire
organza ribbon
steel cutter

Fairlight 's buttons were bigger so she threaded the steel wire directly through each button, made it to the shape of a heart, I tied the organza ribbon as a bow - and ta -daa it made a perfect Christmas ornament.

Synthia 's buttons were so small so she had to thread the buttons through a 4 mm organza ribbon first (organza ribbon instead of ordinary thread makes the buttons stay put) and then she wrapped it around the steel wire and made it to a heart.
So cute!
Cheap, fun - and most important: pretty! I hate having kids crafting on public display when it's ugly, so I simply only craft pretty things with them. And they will probably thank me later in life when they actually will be able to use all their handmade things without puking!
And still they had fun making it.
See, not only ugly things are fun to make!