Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My tattoo's: No 1, Blue butterfly

At the age of 12 I decided to tattoo a butterfly when I was allowed (we have an 18 years restriction in Sweden).
Remember, as I vampire, I have lived many decades before you and are sprung from another time.
When I was young, and not yet a vampire, only sailors and hookers had tattoo's. There were only 3-4 tattoo studios in all of Sweden and no piercing studios to be found..only for earrings. It was a tough time to be alternative...

-Mum, can I get a tattoo or have my nose pierced?
-If you MUST, get a piercing, at least it can be removed. *As if*

And, oh yes, I was (am) a big fan of Cicciolina's look by the time... I think I pulled it off quite good.
So me and my friend T went to an ear piercing studion and we convinced them to shoot us in the nose with their little gun. Worked out like a charm! Finally, my quest to look as beautiful as an India women could begin.
And then at 18 I travelled all the way to Malmö and hook up with Kenneth Fong, a cool Asian tattooist famous in Sweden (now dead).
I got my little blue butterfly on my upper left arm I decided on as a 12 year old (which is the age when I went alternative). It costed 120 SEK/$18.
When I came back to school it was the talk of the year. I was the ONLY one in a school with 900 students with a tattoo! I guess it's not like that any more.
Now I was wierd for real.
I hide it from my mum 1-2 years. Grandma thought it was cute <3
Nowadays a butterfly is a bit nerdy I guess, but for me it's the dreams of a 12 year old girl that is put there. I like the way she used to think.
Although I now have a bigger tattoo attached to it, I never want to cover it.
And that''s my butterfly story <3

Todays outfit

My computer is treating me with no respect lately and makes me sit and wait until she's ready to do whatever. Such a bitch.
I've been out grocery shopping for Synthia's Birthday Disco Party on Friday.
Shopping can be very tiering ;)
Orchestra jacket from H&M as skirt.
On Friday I have have a new premiere here on my blog. Don't forget to check in!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Todays outfit

I went for my custum made Adora t-shirt today. I have had several different during the years :)
Today was HOT (well, only 16 degrees C, but sunny and nice).

Gothic item: cupcake tower

I love how sweet people are, and how they understand my fascination for cool gothic items.
This fantastic cupcake tower was a tip given by a fellow goth (sorry, but forgot the name).
I would SO like it for my parties. This was the coolest ever! Thank's a lot for the tip!

Vampires, gather around to sink your teeth into my raspberry cupcakes.
Costs $99.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond (temporary out of stock)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Modelling Nauclear Design

Naucler Design, the swedish pride in latex designs have made some übercute hair accessories I had the fortune to model.

Naucler Design was also the sponsor for me and Jenni's wonderful custum made outfits we wore at Torture Garden in London last year.

The slogan is my own, but I think it fits :)
They were attached by a haircomb on the inside. I teased my hair just a little and that made them stay put perfectly.

Haha, I just LOVE the fact I can look like a blond bimbo/drag queen whenever I please. It makes me laugh every single time! My husband laughs not so much *mo-ha-hahaahh*

Todays outfit

I haven't been sick for ages, but last week school started so the kids dragged home some jerm to my little nose that makes me sneeze, sneeze and SNEEZE. Gave me a fever and a clogged nose as well - that hurts so I think I'm getting sinusitis again ;(

BUT - as the fantastic mother I am I doped up on painkillers to be able to go on a boat trip with our kids. Even panic baked cinnamon/apple cupcakes and raspberry cupcakes to bring, just 30 minutes before departure.
As a kid I used to go out on boat trips with my grandpa Harry's fishing boat all the time, and today, standing out on deck, I got that same feeling hearing the water against the fore. I lik the feeling. I was a total nature kid *who'd know*

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Old picture of the day

Long time ago I went to a disco. The year was 2000.
I used a piece of Christmas crafting wire and put it around my head like I was some kind of Glitterati Jesus.
I have always had a flare for bling.

What about those wacky shoes, Adora? Uhm, well, I had a dumb toe.
 Haha, I almost look like the princess of Ivanhoe..but just more evil.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 1, part 2

So, lenses were put in.
Here's the thing - we were supposed to have black sclera lenses, that's why we choose to have dirty white outfits, to bring out the eyes more.
But I was a bit too late to order,  and then I didn't want the fuss about changing outfits, so in panic I choose the next best thing - white screen lenses. But imagine my surprise - it looked sooooo cool!!
We sang "Two blind mices..." all day :)
And yes, I'm aware of my friend sniffing my genitals. What can I say - we're swedish!
The pretty (and available *hurry*) sister of mine coming out of the bathroom looking happy. Makes me wonder what she did in there?
Sweet cutie Hanna came to our hostel (with lovable mum) for the pre-party
My husband illustrates how short he feels next to Jenni and her plateau shoes :) Or perhaps he is just a pygmy? I never cared to look below his *beep* -is
There will follow more pictures from the pre-party as the festival. Keep posted for Day 1, part 3! But since requested I throw in a few pictures at once :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old picture of the day

Today I present a picture from 2001. The wierd thing is that all pictures turned out blue because some wrong setting on the camera and color have not been edited. But the cutout was not the best job...well, it was the early 2000...
This was after the Leaf market.
Here you can see my best feature - my perfectly rounded forhead :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Question time

I got a question from Krista Stewart on Facebook:

"i was wondering if you were able to do the Montignac Method lifestyle while you were pregnant?? Thanks"
Noooooo.... I was sick for all 9 months and puked when ever I smelled food. The only things I could eat was tasteless white bread, Danish pastry's and crackers. Everything else made me cry because I felt like puking. And that's how I gained 22 kilos in 9 months...
And I ain't joking. This is the total truth.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Adora's 30 day challenge - stairs

I'm already eating healthy (Montignac Method) most of the time, but I hate to break a sweat.
Sure, I'm skinny enough, but I think my body would be even happier if I was in a tad better condition.
I will totally diss the elevator the next 30 days (for me that is at least 8 times every day) and run the 4 floors to out flat.
I'll race the kids!

Join me for a hell month (health month). If you have no stairs to run, run the first part to your work/school - just to get that blood pumping *yummie*
Goths around the world - join in for a hell month!
Let's be healthy just to spite everyone else and out-live them! 

Need to buy that perfect Bat Brooch I'm wearing? Here's Pinkabsinthe's etsy.
She's got many unique things, enough to make a horde of goths to droole.

Kids started school today - finally!

Ok, not all of them. "Baby" TeeBee is still at daycare, but Fairlight started pre-school today (or class 0 as it's called here) and Synthia went on to second class.
I felt so proud when leaving my two big girls.
Finally they will join the treadmill that's goes on for life...poor suckers. They might think it's fun now...
Worst of it all is that it involves me somehow.
Yeah, I thought I was done with school and brain damaging homework - but NO, then you are a good citizen and produces children, and once again you are punished and dragged back to a life of homework your kids needs your help with. WTF?!

Sure, I have a husband who loved school growing up, and studied mathematics and stuff just for fun (and still to this day finds it funny to pull out some old mathematics on biochemical level to solve just for fun) but I still sit by half of the homeworks.
I don't wanna!!! Schools over for me. I can't learn anything more, brain switched off, input only for make up skills, sewing and baking. There is no room left for pointless dates of when king Blabla Blah died or when the first snail landed on the moon. I'm not interested!
I think I will have my mum make me a note to give to Synthia's and Fairlight's teachers saying I don't have to help with homework.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 1, part 1

I got a fab close up picture of my make up and the white screen lenses I wore at Day 1 from photographer Jan Blok, Holland.

Old picture of the day

This was taken in Gothenburg, July 2011.
And now it is my new Facebook avatar.
If I'm not mistaken I'm wearing Green Tornado lenses...and nothing more..hahaha

Made me an apron

All of the little BatBrat's were invited to a birthday party today so all of a sudden I had 3 hours ALL to myself.
What to do with all this unexpected time?
Sleep/planning horrible deeds/bake a bunch of cupcakes and have them all to myself/spy on the old lady living next doors/try out all of my cool shoes and have a catwalk/clean the flat/play Bubble-Bobble or grow a bit taller.
After some serious thinking I decided on sorting out my new crafting slash cocktail cabinet (often a very good combination) to put everything in the right place.

I had that area re-made. This is the messy area before:
And here's my new, improved crafting/drinking area:
When I was done I wanted to do something fun, something to ease my mind. And sewing is what my brain likes the most so I simply jumped to my Zwart Chateau (the sewing area) and made me a lovely heart apron. It happened to be about 5-7 cm too long (according to me) but I still think it looks pretty.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Some of the pictures of the avant garde hairstyle hairstylist Marita Näsman made on me, and the genius Henrik Pilerud photographed, is up on Mirroronline.

Recipe: Guacamole (Montignac)

The story says vampires are afraid of garlic, well, it might have been true in the early decades when we travelled the world and tryed to act all aristocrat and smell like roses and champagne and we were to stuck up to be near those stinkers....
..but hey, life evolved and almost every person smells like garlic nowadays so we just had to adapt.
If you can't beat them, join them.
Being a total snob is good too, but eating always tops.
So, over the years I have become a garlic snob instead, and impress by my fantastic skills in different garlic dishes. Here's my version of the Mexican dish.

Vampire Guacamole, 4 persons
1 avocado
1 tablespoon of onion
1 big garlic clove
2 tablespoons of sour cream (for Montignac Phase 1 - NO!)
½ fresh squeezed lime/lemon juice
½ teaspoon (or more) sambal oelek
black pepper

Bring out your blender and chop that onion until you can't recognice it anymore (as you would if you were a potential serial killer trying to get rid of some victim parts). Use the garlic press and add the garlic to it. Then go completely wild and just toss everything else in there.
Put it on.
Walk away.
Fix your make up a bit.
Go back.
Turn it off.
Put it in a sweet little bowl, preferably in clear glass for everyone to enjoy that sweet moss green color. Store cold until it's time to enjoy it "with" your friends ;)

Todays trip - IKEA

Seems my ass still wanna sail down a road for hours and hours... just as the 12 hour trip back from M'era Luna was not enough.
We took a trip to IKEA, Kalmar, to buy "me" a Flåren cabinet to keep my make up in. I'm getting tired of getting my husbands hairspray over everthing making it look dusty all the time.
I need to save my darlings! and Flåren/Flaren was the answer.
IKEA and I am not the best of friends since an IKEA wardrobe tried to kill my Synthia but I will give it another shot. Most of the time I've been very happy with the products. But stop trying to kill my kids, God dammit!

The kitty-cats got a new sleeping basket as well <3

I'm so happy my make up will find a new home :) and the fact I can soon bring out my Friday glass!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 1, part 1

Saturday the 13'th.
Here's the first part of Day 1.

Sitting in a bed full of make up. I love it so much I sleep with it in my bed :)
 "Blow up doll-face". Apparently we went for dirty white. It was my stupid idea...
Althought we both felt very wierd wearing white we tried to own it. Someone even commented "some more black would have been nice"...and we agreed with him. We looked cute, but it was a bit strange for us.
The Kanekalon teased hair turned out good though. Kept us warm too.
 My husband let me have my fun with him. He even wore a white lens just for me <3
 A close up study on the Wimmerstedt sisters different make up styles (me to the left).
 To see what I look like I just look to my sister, and I do like the reflection <3
Of course we didn't go to the festival just looking like this! We put in some sweet lenses as well, part 2 will follow..