Monday, July 16, 2012

Strawberry time

After a hard day at mum-work I get my reward; strawberries and whipped cream (and a ton of sugar since I always find those red things too sour).

Killing at the zoo fits my shoe

Family packed in the SAAB 95 Aero Sport Combi and are rolling to Öland, and the animal/ amusement park there.
A full day of annoying fun, uber-cute animals, grandma Birgit 's sausage and potato salad in the bag and well behaved kids as a big ice cream spender for a husband makes it perfect.
I, of course, would rather stayed inside in my batcave all day, perhaps read about business economy or continue on my book for kids.
Fun?! Humbug!
My fun reference is not doing amusement things, but lately there have been people in Sweden eaten by both wolves and tigers in zoo's so I might be in luck and be presented with something more up my alley!