Friday, March 30, 2012

My kids: disco tonight

Fairlight and Synthia all dolled up for tonight's school disco.

Aww, mum Adora was so proud when Synthia said she wanted black lipstick :)

Crafting: DIY Glitter plastic animal

I bought a plastic animal, an elephant, at the charity shop last week.
Being a bit inspired by the DIY plastic animal candle holder at The Sweetest Occation I wanted to make a pink elephant, with glitter.
How to:
  • plastic animal
  • glue
  • brush
  • acrylic paint (- pink and white)
  • glitter (pink)
Clean the animal (I put mine in the dishwasher).
Paint with acrylic paint in the same color as the glitter you will use.
(I painted one coat of white priming before the color, but that's not necessary)
Let dry.
Paint one coat of glue (don't be cheap!) and dip it in glitter/pour it over. Shake off the excess glitter.
DONE! (I also used a very thin layer of hairspray and then shine spray on top).

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I will not use my pink elephant as a candle holder, but I plan to make a small hole in the snout so I can make small speech bubbles as table chatter...or put it on cookie plates with info about the cookie.
It will look so cool! Glitter rules!
To make the plastic animal (elephant) goth you could dip it in black glitter instead and add some "blood" at the end of its tusks and make him say things like "-I'm Norman Bates."